Elvis Presley playing Guitar ugly Christmas sweater

imiadove2021 19.01.2022
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 I know two people who have polio, one quite severe, and both got polio right after the vaccine. There is no t even any trace of corona in Africa your virus only affects those who believe it in their minds. If this virus was that serious we wouldn't even need to be told what to do. It's just imaginery. Robert Hardie that's why the social media is a dangerous place in the spread of COVID-19 misinformation. It is populated with those who have no science or medical background giving information about COVID-19. One thing I know is Africans don't easily disclose the cause of death, they feel it stigmatized the family. We only attend burials and go home. His 2k plus cases a day might be double that amount. Boliba Boliba thank you so much for your logical answer and perspective. Me and everyone else on this thread appreciates it I’m sure. 

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