Go Jesus It’s your Birthday ugly Christmas sweater

imiadove2021 20.01.2022
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Zowie Nicola Morris they are denied free money in France. UK is joke of the world with way we give free housing and money to everyone. Sad part is they should not risk coming here. Stay in Europe. We already have serious affordable housing for UK families. By giving housing to others it makes crisis worse. France and others need to step up. France should be ashamed as should the fortune seekers. Centres should be set up in Europe to check everyone thoroughly to ensure asylum claims are legitimate. We need to change things. The NHS is in crisis due to huge population. The more people we bring in has a domino effect. Seniors go hungry when they worked their entire lives. If you give handouts to asylum seekers give same to seniors, homeless and war veterans. That is what causes hostility. I sympathise with legitimate asylum seeking families but also with people born here who are in need. 

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