Kalnirnay 2022 PDF

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The Kohinoor Odia 2022 calendar has been the traditional method of measuring time since ancient times. Over time, many changes were made to the Odia calendar according to Odisha's regional position. Apart from the names of the twelve months, each Odia calendar is slightly different from one another. The calendar consists of a solar calendar and a lunisolar Kalnirnar 2022 PDF

The Odia Calendar is a common translation of the Odyssey calendar which is used as the national calendar. All major festivals and holidays are included in this calendar. The names of all months and their respective zodiac signs are also shown, such as - Chaitra (Aries), Vaishak (Taurus), Jieshtha (Gemini), Ashad (Cancer), Shravan (Simha), Bhadrapada (Virgo), Ashvin (Libra) , Kartik (Scorpio), Margashirsha (Dhana), Pausha (Capricorn), Magha (Aquarius), Phalgun (Pisces).

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