All I want for Christmas is you just kidding give me Beer shirt

imiadove2021 27.01.2022
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“Peacekeeping troops” you mean troops that are given orders to shoot rubber bullets & tear gas at a peaceful protest forcing them to become violent. Because of the war in Syria, we live in camps on the Syrian-Turkish border. The Syrian regime bombed our cities and left us from our homes. We are forced to live in difficult camps. In the summer, we endure the heat and live under the mercy of a tent and a plastic insulation that does not protect from the summer heat and winds, scorpions, snakes and insects, but in the winter rain water sees to the camps, which turns them into puddles of mud, we have no materials for heating and we die from the cold, we ask people to look at us and help us and give us support. Ann Gardiner um sick of my taxes going to these invaders and this goverment for not putting a stop to them coming this is what we voted for and was promised by the torries and boris which we all know it was lies to get votes but it wont work again cant wait for nigel farage and his prty to start agian. 

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