Tips for MMA Breakfall And Avoiding Injury

davidsmith 26.02.2020
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Out of all the styles in MMA, wrestling is the most dangerous one as there are increased chances of breakfall and a very bad injury due to increased body weight. The higher the weight of the body, the severe the injury would be.

Fighters that are associated with wrestling, sambo, and judo understand the importance of falling down properly. This saves them from bad injuries, and they remain safe, but still, we see a lot of such cases. We cannot avoid it completely, but it is possible that it gets minimized, and this can happen only if the fighter is well aware of what he is supposed to do.

Sometimes, it's the equipment of the game that harms the players badly. So, choose wisely from the best suppliers. AQF Sports has all sorted out in this regard. Always use the right equipment for the right technique or exercise. Following are a few MMA break fall exercises, by practicing them you can prevent yourself from getting badly injured.

Forward Breakfall

One must start with lower height when it comes to forward break fall. This is important because it has to be very gentle and smooth. Get your arms under your armpits, starting from your knees, and roll over it. You shouldn't be uneasy at all, and your movement should be very clean. Try not to harm your shoulder or hit the land hard and try not to make any sound at all.

Be careful that there is a critical difference between forwarding breakfall and forward roll, and that is, forward break fall is done by rolling on your back diagonally. Now stand up on your feet and place one arm on the ground while the other being in your armpit and repeat the movement.

Furthermore, In order to see to the Forward BreakFall, Click this video link

Sideways fall

Go in squatting position with one leg and slide sideways with the other like you're having your foot being swept. You have to break the fall using your arm and then roll backwards. You can also do this without the roll. Technical stand up can be used, or you can stay on the ground. Now test yourself by trying a forward break fall over an obstacle. You can consider a person as an obstacle and practice this move.

Forward roll

One should begin with a plain forward roll to have a good start. While you put your hands on the mat, turn your head in and roll, and also push slightly with your legs. For rolling to your feet without pushing with the hands on the mat, grab the shins on the way up. This is a very effective exercise and helps you a lot.

Parkour forward break fall

Parkour forward break fall is a similar technique as that of a forward break fall, but the arm is not used to hit the floor to break the fall. When there is a hard surface, like concrete, and is used mostly by Parkour practitioners, that too when one lands after a big drop. You should not use your arm to break the fall this time. All you have to do is to roll as you do in a normal forward break fall while your palms close together.

Tip! By Clicking the link below to see how to do Parkour forward break fall?

Never Post using Elbow or Hand

It is not always a good idea to post with the hand or elbow because there are increased chances of injury, but still, we have some exceptions. Only if you have very smart takedown defense skills, or they throw is not strong enough, you can do it.

Backward Roll-Head

Now comes backward roll over the head, which is more difficult than over the shoulder. First of all, get yourself in squatting position, roll backward, placing the arms on the mat and try to roll over the head. Push off on the hands, so that you don't fall on your knees once you roll. You must land on your feet and not on your knees.

Backward Roll-Shoulder

The next thing we'll talk about it backward roll over the shoulder. Doing it over the head is harder than backward roll over the shoulder. Look to one side while your head is on another side and roll over it. This is an easier version and is a more convenient one.

Backward Fall

It is Just like backward roll over the shoulder, but there is an exception that you have to slam with the arms in order to break the fall. For this, begin from a crossed arms position, as in a Dracula lying in the coffin, go into squatting position, roll yourself, making an angle of 45 degrees with the body, slam with the arms and complete the roll. You can move to the jumping version once you have learned this one. Remember, break the fall with your arms before you back hit the floor, or you may hurt yourself badly.


Without these exceptions, you should not do it at all. Always start with the post, but by tucking in, you can turn it into a roll. Be consistent and stay determined in your efforts to gain success. Not only physical health but mental health is also necessary, so just play smart.

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