Why mostly people lose the desire of painting & sketching?

Williamwords 24.05.2022
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Well-being, inner harmony and balance of thoughts, emotions and feelings are the key to creative development and a source of creativity. Take a break for recovery, support the body at different levels, the desire to draw will definitely return. In the meantime, you can be inspired by the work of professional artists, nature, communication with people, good books and films. Or you just need to allow yourself a good night's sleep.

1). After biased criticism or comparing yourself to high-level professionals.

Once again, let me remind you that criticism of the artist's works must be objective and on an outgoing request. If relatives and friends who are far from the field of fine arts (even at an amateur level understand something) or random people from the Internet criticize on your sketching work, this is not criticism, but an unsolicited personal opinion, hate, throwing destructive stuff and verbal rubbish. In no case should you pay attention to it, listen, and even more so build your creative development on this basis.

Unfortunately, some professional artists are also able to give unsolicited advice - their comments are also “in the firebox”: empty bragging and the desire to get into someone else's business do not paint anyone and are not useful.

Of course, the aforementioned commentators and “critics” can easily discourage the desire to paint - don't let them do it. It is also impossible for an artist to develop completely without criticism, therefore, if you need constructive comments, important and necessary advice, help or evaluation of work, you should turn to a professional artist-teacher: you will save your nerves and you will hear important recommendations for yourself and get inspired from communicating with the pros at the same time.

By the way, all great artists also once started, studied, made mistakes in drawing and looked for their own path in the visual arts, so it is at least incorrect to compare their works with their mature works Of course, seeing the huge gap between your still inept everyday sketches and a picture from the gallery exposition, you might think to give up everything, if you do not remember the artist's tremendous path to such a result. All the pros started with something, studied, fell and rose, increased their skills and artistic thinking, worked on themselves - without this, the result is impossible even with extraordinary talent And you have everything ahead, if you go towards your goal systematically, make efforts to achieve it.

To objectively understand your level in drawing and progress in mastering the visual literacy will help only to compare your own works from different periods of study (early with later), analysis of your own creative growth and consistency in mastering artistic skills. And you can learn from the pros, learn something new, spy on the secrets and characteristics of drawing in order to improve your drawings.

2). On the threshold of new creative discoveries.

Yes, often creative stagnation and a feeling of marking time, together with a lack of desire to paint, arises just before a creative breakthrough, when the artist's thinking seems to take a pause before a powerful throw into the new and unknown, before a creative breakthrough or a new round of development. “The night is dark before dawn,” but a powerful and progressive period of creative activity requires strength and energy. It is possible that this pause in drawing lessons was given for a reason - it is preparation for great and important creative growth.

Usually, this short slowdown or pause is needed in order to get out of the constant creative process and better listen to yourself and the world around you, catch more subtle inspiring vibrations, catch new ideas and find them the most expressive and unusual solution.

Everything develops in waves, and art too. And there will definitely be an ascent behind the descent, checked.

It is impossible to want to draw all the time. Everyone has a decline in activity, interest, skill, self-confidence and their abilities, even among great professionals. Understanding and accepting this state will help you find a way out of the creative impasse and develop further, creating and exploring, transforming thoughts into images, and what you see into meaningful and sensual. This is the artist's task.

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