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myhollybox2020 21.01.2022
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 haven't you seen a naked lady before?" the man replied "I am not looking at your nakedness, i was just wondering where you have kept the money you are going to pay me!" I think any woman who has frequented a dating app for more than 5 minutes has had her fair share of unwanted phallic photos. I do not understand what these men get out of it. All stifled park flashers who, 20 years ago, would be lurking in an inspector gadget rain mac. I used to College Union Rep, back when social media had started. I had warned board of governers that social media, is a breeding for cyber bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination and long term mental health issues as well as eating disorders. This hasn't changed since 2004 and when I left as a College Union Rep in 2010. Is it not already? Indecent exposure categorises as an offence to expose genetials with the intention for someone to see them and be alarmed and distressed. 

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