Dad Bod Working On My Six Pack 3D Shirt

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With the six year hard works in my secondary studies, finally I get into university. I am relieved that there is no more past paper and public examination on on and my own childhood in terms of freedom. As a child, my dad will be playing out the whole day; running, laughing and not worrying. My dad lived in a village where the children from the whole village were a big company.Most of the staff are on tills, packing shelves or on the go to do something else and it seems that some of the staff have no time to actually help the customers with there queries. The customer services help desk is meant to be there to help but there was one case where my dad had a complaint and one of the staff members was trying to tell my dad that he was actually in the wrong but actually he was in the right. This was soon resolved when I higher member of staff came to help sort out the situation.There are many traits that I have inherited naturally through genetics from my mom and dad. I can tell that my work ethic has been inherited from my dad because he is a very hard worker and I also strive to achieve my personal best. My mom tends to be very sensitive at times and concerned for other people’s feelings, which I know, I have inherited.I always wanted to do the path my dad & brother did by joining the military. My dad was in the Marines and my brother was in the Navy. I wanted to be independent, further my education and travel. Education, I knew the military had some great programs at the time. My goal is to go to school for nursing.One challenge as a child I remember my mother faced, was when I was 11 months old and my mother cared for me, my sister, and my brother after losing my dad. It brought more challenges for her and more roles as a woman, and mother. My mother has always said things in life happen for a reason, we don’t understand why but in the end everything works out for the best. 

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