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When writing an article, you must identify the problem that needs to be analyzed and resolved. The more accurately you describe the problem, the more convincing it will be. Here are some steps to help you write your article.


Before writing anything, read the necessary literature.

Develop a rough outline for your essay or press release. List the points needed to prove the main idea of   your work.

Use a separate paragraph for each point of view. If you feel that a paragraph is becoming too difficult to understand, or contains a number of difficult points, then you can break it down into small paragraphs of 4 to 8 sentences. Develop a rough outline when you write my essay or press release. List the points needed to prove the main idea of your work.

Write the main point of each point in the outline. You will use them to write your article.

Selection and study of the main sources on the topic

Collect evidence for your article.

Evidence can vary greatly depending on the writing style. For example, if you are doing a literary analysis, you can take quotes from a book. If you are doing scientific research, you can describe the results of the research. If you are writing about any events, you can use descriptions of those events.

Try to find at least 2 pieces of evidence for each item before you start writing. The more coverage, the more convincing the article will be.

What topic should you write an article on?

If you write articles for sale or run your own blog, you probably came across the fact that all your ideas about what to write about have disappeared somewhere. In the case of bloggers, the solution to the problem is a  content plan . But for copywriters, I hope this article will help. Open the sequel to find out what topic you can write an article on.

Where to find ideas about what to write an article about

Before finding ideas about what to write about, I advise you to decide which topics you are definitely not interested in. For example, I will never take up legal and medical topics.

Have you noticed for yourself what you will definitely not write about? Then start looking for suitable topics. I suggest 3 options:

Forums and social networks. On the sites is the maximum number of living people, like as this who constantly communicate, need help, learn. People's problems can be an inspiration to you. For example, in a needlework group, they may ask for a pattern for a pencil skirt, and on a forum they may ask for advice on choosing an online store. Take one of the topics as a basis and compose a full article.

Magazines and newspapers . The easiest way to search for a topic is to look at ready-made articles in newspapers and magazines. By the way, in them you can find not only ideas for articles, but also examples of successful headlines!

Services. Use a service  or a  dictionary of  associations. Enter the desired word and see associations or synonyms for it. Having picked up similar words for a word, a brilliant idea for an article can come to mind.

7 ideas for what article to write

There are 7 popular article types that readers love:

Infographics.  The information in the picture is well received by the readers. Facts and figures fit perfectly into infographics, information is presented in a metered fashion.

For example:

How to make an infographic.

10 reasons why your infographic doesn't work.

Music / cinema genres.

Memes.  If you know that you will be writing for young people, use the article with memes. In this way, you can explain the complex in simple language.

For example:

Cool idea on what topic you can write an article on - the impact of memes on our lives.

Write an article on the origins of memes.

Use memes to explain Grade 8 physics.

Guidelines.  Another idea about what topic you can write an article on is guides. Describe in detail how to make a cake, create a website, or learn a language. Any information made as a step-by-step lesson will be easily remembered by readers.

For examples:

How to build a house yourself.

How to move to another country.

What to do after buying an apartment.

Reviews.  Detailed reviews of cosmetics, books, technology are always topical topics!

For example:

A complete review of Korean cosmetics.

Detailed analysis of DVRs.

Honda Goldwing motorcycle review.

Lists.  There are still popular list articles. Make a shopping list for the holidays, for work / school, a list for building a website, useful tools or courses. By the way, magazines often use the format of articles-lists.

For example:

The best non-tourist cafes in Poland.

Top 10 most unusual wedding venues.

5 reasons to get up earlier.

Interview.  This type of content will not only fill the empty space on your blog or website, but will also bring in new users. Surely the person you interview will want to share the article with your friends.

Research.  Readers like voluminous articles with detailed information, graphs, figures on any topic. You can add infographics to your research.

For example:

What awaits us in the IT world in 10 years.

The real reason for the formation of tumors.

How microfinance loans work.

Write an introductory sentence about the problem.

For example, this paragraph might contain a description of the problem. Be aware that the first paragraphs are required to clarify the problem. For example, when you are make essay for me and trying to convince the reader that tea is better for a person than coffee. The paragraph should explain how green tea can lower cholesterol levels.

If you haven't used green tea up to this point, the first sentence might explain that green tea is made up of camellia leaves that are minimally oxidized during processing.

Try to write a few thematic sentences, and choose the best option.

Disclosure of the problem

Develop the main idea in the middle of your article. The following are common ways to develop an idea:

Consider details that the reader may not know. For example, you could measure your normal and bad cholesterol levels. Later, you can also explain the link between food and bad cholesterol.

Provide examples and evidence. Explain where the quote is from, whose quote is it and other important information.

Describe and analyze the evidence.

Investigate the problem to be solved.

Compare the point of view that was defined in the previous paragraph. If it matches the main idea of   your article, then you can continue to adhere to your point of view.

Pick 2 arguments and describe them in 1-3 sentences. Some paragraphs may turn out to be different in size, depending on the evidence.


Describe how the topic and evidence support the main message of your article.

Hint at other topics that are relevant to the article. This can serve as the basis for the further development of the reasoning.


You need to know when to split a paragraph into multiple sections. Below are tips to help you.

If there are more than 10 sentences in one paragraph, break it up into several small paragraphs for ease of reading.

If you have already written about 8 sentences describing the similarities, then it is better to talk about the differences in a separate paragraph.

If you've covered multiple points in one paragraph, revisit the outline and try to break each point into a separate paragraph.

Go to the next paragraph. After you finish your work, you need to check each paragraph to make sure the problem is solved.

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