Don’t Tread On Florida Shirt Alligators Pro Freedom

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The shirt design with yellow signs modeled after the Gadsden flag – a Revolutionary War-era banner which is the popular symbol for conservative groups. Instead of a coiled rattlesnake, “Don’t Tread On Florida has an alligator and Desantis’s signature under the statement “Don’t Tread On Florida”

Get inspired by the Gadsen flag, the shirt has its own message, its own design meaning, and reads “Don’t Tread On Me”

Wear this shirt with the Gadsden-style Florida flag and show off your love and support to Gov. Ron DeSantis!

Don’t Tread On Florida Shirt Alligators Pro Freedom

It’s no doubt to say Gov. Ron DeSantis is doing great! He protected workers, freedom, children, and parents. Moreover, state Florida is past the pandemic. They are completely normal and have one of the lowest case rates in the country.

If you’re proud to be a Florian, proud of your Government Ron Desantis, and love the way he cares for his state and its people, don’t hesitate to et your own favorite Don’t Tread On Florida Shirt and make your own statement!

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Size: Available size and color that you can check on our chart

Made from USA

Material: 100% Cotton

Printed type: Direct to Garment printing

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