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The only exceptions to this rule were Australia, which became a preferred destination choice for many of the Polish in the post Second World War period, and Israel, which attracted thousands of Polish Jews, from the 1960s, after the government eased travel curbs and relaxed issuance of passports. [11]The community seems to have concentrated mostly on neighbouring European nations like Germany, France, and Belgium, as well as on North American countries like the USA and Canada. Whilst there are clear motives for emigration with the range of causes being large and varied and stemming from political unrest, partition and annexation, economic deprivation, lack of agricultural land and job opportunities, political suppression (during the communist regime), and religious persecution and discomfort (for the Polish Jews), researchers are less clear on the reasons behind the choice of destination of Polish migrants.In conclusion, both soldiers came home with a different sense of patriotism becacause of true love. One of the major choices, which is also a theme, it is the decision of choosing family or true love. During William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, Romeo and Juliet make choices that lead up to them ending their lives.Strategic choice could also include, achieving competitive advantage. The success of a company depends on the strategic choices that are made by the owners of a company (Algasae, 2012). Introduction Strategic choices are mostly concerned with the manner in which company make decisions and the many factors that will influence these decisions.It is therefore important for one to be knowledgeable about the birth control they decide to use in their lives. Generally birth control is a means by which men and women are able to prevent unplanned pregnancy. There are different methods of birth control that are available for choice by any individual once they make the decision.Choices in life can be a very difficult thing. One decision in life can make or break your future. People can benefit from having many choices but having too many choices may also be bad. In the article “A Logical Choice” by Gary Belsky, he explains “They don’t realize that you can become paralyzed by too many choices and that increased options mean confusion.” (2) An important matter in life is the choice people have to make on where to attend college, what major you want to go into, and even enjoy the career you choose.

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