Donald Trump f*** Let’s go Brandon shirt

imiadove2021 07.12.2021
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 They themselves oppress peopl speacially great imams are in prison and are oppressed. You need to have a cup of tea with one of us and get all the stories that happen to the true believers of Islam and you will shake your head. The rest of Muslim people are either dying or migrating to get a better life. But Muslim leaders back home are the most corrupted. David Johnston and i take it you do not even understand what i am saying. i do not get how you got that from what i said lol so weird of course i do not agree with treating any human being badly and i do not agree with treating muslims badly do you? Though a non arabic speaker i can still understand that page of the quran saying about the miracles of jesus being blessed of since he was in a cradle. all of these were granted by the permission of God. This headline is deliberately misleading. 

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