Satan reading is fun shirt

myhollybox2020 26.10.2021
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So they are working and paying tax and NI. Do you have a link, please that supports your assertions? Nope, they won't do the same for nurses. The vast majority of EU nurses left, hence there is a dangerous level of staff shortages in the NHS, on daily basis. And no, the EU nurses won't come back. Combine that with charging tuition fees for the nursing degree and expecting the students to do the job unpaid, I don't see people fighting for uni places. We are screwed.  Just hope they aren't going to be ripped off with their retirement. I can hear it already: 'Sorry, you didn't work in Britain long enough to be entitled to retirement pay!' I imagine they will, the reason they all buggered off in the first place was because our tax rules changed when we left Europe so they didn’t like having to pay the same as British workers do and Poland are in the same boat shortage wise they’ll go there if they’ve got any sense. Noel Bagnall Whoa and there it is every time you lose an argument you lot add the word ‘leftie.’Where is your evidence? 

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