These are my parents no wonder why I’m so hot shirt

myhollybox2020 08.12.2021
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There's nothing wrong with that. Did you read what he said or did you just decide he was talking about people who entered illegally? He was talking about those with temporary visas who are invited in to do the work and then kicked out at the end. you do not realise that moving to a foreign country is a huge task, it has financial and mental implications for the emigrating person. think you need to read up on what slavery is. How is people paid to travel to the UK, given free housing, paid to work on a farm, then paid to travel back home slavery? You do also realise real slavery is still widespread in Africa, the Middle East and Asia? That involved being falsely convinced to travel somewhere, wherry your passport is stolen, you get locked in a room and told the only way you can earn your freedom back is to work for it, but each day you are told your delt has grown because of the free board and lodgings you are using. That is modern slavery in many countries. Except its a seamless market in Europe, so it balances out. 

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