Adam Cole’s Muppet Baybays shirt

imiadove2021 27.10.2021
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The supreme arrogance of assuming that all those people who we stuck two fingers upto and said “go home we don’t want you here”. Will now suddenly flood back for roles with little benefits like healthcare when they lived here. Only to have to leave in the future if we get Enough “British” drivers and when we stick two fingers up again. You have to love the optimistic view that European drivers want to come here, there is a driver shortage across europe so why would someone up sticks leave their family and friends behind to drive a truck here? A country that treats its drivers badly day in day out with very few facilities. Britain in its vote to leave the E.U and even more so the language used by Johnson, Farage and Rees-Smug was seen by many that they were absolutely not welcome here. I’m a HGV licence holder would jump in a truck tomorrow if we actually had a shortage of drivers, (only reason I can’t is because of a CPC that I haven’t done, get rid of this and suddenly we would have no shortage).

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