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weshirt 08.12.2021
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One of the only welcome sights during the Kansas City Chiefs’ loss to the Ravens on Sunday was the emergence of Byron Pringle in the relative absence of Tyreek Hill on offense. Pringle ended the game as the team’s second-most productive receiver behind tight end Travis Kelce. He caught his first touchdown of the season on an explosive 40-yard scamper where he turned on the afterburners to impressive effect. Pringle isn’t satisfied with the performance, though. He is still motivated to show how much more he has to give against the Chargers in week three to get Kansas City back on track. In comments to the media after Wednesday’s practice, Pringle told reporters that the touchdown was essentially meaningless to him given the outcome of the game. 1-0 Mentality Shirt. “I don’t feel well because we didn’t come out with the dub,” He said when asked how it felt to get his first score of the season. “When Pat [Patrick Mahomes] threw me the ball, the middle field was open, and I just turned up vertical and then I made one defender miss. I saw Tyreek [Hill] on the left-hand side of me and his man was guarding him, was coming close to me and I just gave him a right foot in the ground and just outran him to the endzone.” Such a subdued statement of fact about what was one of the most important highlights of his entire career speaks to Pringle’s desire to do more and get back to winning football games. The agility and flat put speed shown on the play were major works in progress for him, and a result of intense preparation in the offseason, when he slimmed down to become more dynamic with the ball in his hands.

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