Baby Yoda I love to Fart shirt

myhollybox2020 19.10.2021
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 No one looked at me until i finally went to the doctor who then sent me for an emergency ileostomy stoma bag (colostomy). It was horrific as i had no time to process this and they told me it may become perminate. I was very ill as them stomach twisted and i was bringing up green bile. They had to push a pip cleaner thing through my colon access point whilst awake to untwist it. Its was almost medieval. I didnt want to see my baby as I was very depressed and i had feeding tubes down my nose. It took 2 weeks to come home from hospital when i finally snapped out of my dark place. After a year of several rectal tests to see if i was strong enough my stoma was reversed just over a year on. Please ladies, make sure the hospital and visiting midwifes have thoroughly check you for tears. Mine failed to gave a rectal examination to check the tear. This could of all been avoided. I did take legal action and we did win. 

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