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weshirt 18.10.2021
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The first – and likely only – fall Food & Wine Classic was a welcome addition to the Aspen calendar over the weekend of Sept. 10 – 12. With glorious weather, an A-list of guests from Pink with her Two Wolves wine and Martha Stewart for a dessert seminar, and an enthusiastic spirit by vendors and consumers, it was a special experience all around. Official events such as the Grand Tastings at Wagner Park and the seminars in tents around town catered to a smaller sized crowd capped at roughly 60% of the traditional number. DJ Graham The Pink Shirt. The opening night party took place in the courtyard at Hotel Jerome, which also presented a variety of events throughout the weekend from a speakeasy in the sky with Casa Dragones tequila, a pop-up with the swanky cocktail lounge Aviary of Chicago at Bad Harriet and a grand al fresco dinner with Maestro Dobel Tequila and world-renowned chef Jorge Vallejo of Quintonil. A smattering of unofficial parties and promotions around town were additional to the event roster including a few of highlights below. On Thursday evening, hosts Lance Armstrong and Anna Hansen welcomed guests to their home for a Liftoff party kicking off Food & Wine weekend. Lift Vodka cocktails were served from a bar on the lawn while an endless stream of wood fired pizzas were baked in a mobile oven on the driveway.

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