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EVEN over the phone, I could hear the desperation in the voice of the young single mum I spoke to last week. She has three children and despite juggling their care with working as many hours as she could manage, she was struggling to make ends meet. Their father had not paid her a penny in maintenance for months, even though the Child Maintenance Service, set up in 2012, was supposed to be enforcing his financial responsibilities. I Eat Kids Shirt. It meant this young woman, only in her twenties, had to visit her local food bank just to feed her children, as well as borrow money on credit cards to pay some of her bills. It had plunged her into a spiral of debt from which she could see no way out. She felt overwhelmed and without hope. Her story is echoed by countless others who contact Gingerbread, the charity for single parents of which I am chief executive. From reliance on food banks to mounting debt and poverty, many mums — and it is nearly always mums — are so strapped for cash because of the non-payment of maintenance by their ex-partners that they are going without food themselves.

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