Maori mania aotearoa bedding set

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In the old days, princes who wanted to give gifts to the emperor to gain trust often used the symbol of the crane, known as the "first grade bird" or "the first-class dynasty". The shape of a crane standing on a stone in front of the tide implies noble qualities, strong in the face of difficulties, bringing good luck and warmth.|bird_Hac_7|The crane is a symbol of nobility, bringing good luck and warmth|Ancient books record a lot of things related to the virtues of the crane, in general, the crane is like a gentleman, not lustful, not lustful, pure and pure, with a holy cry, comparable to talent.|In ancient times, cranes were also used to compare with elite people, so the decree on recruiting sages was also called "crap ban", the things on "crap ban" were called "crap book" or "crap head letter". Maori mania aotearoa bedding setThose who are monastic and have a good reputation are called "the sage of the crane". Related to this, it can be seen that the paintings with cranes have the meaning of integrity, not being greedy and depraved.|bird_Hac_2|Paintings with cranes mean integrity, not greed, corruption|Legend says that the crane is a fairy bird with a very long life, in the book "General Crane Sutra" called the crane an "impossible longevity" (long life cannot be calculated) or "heavenly longevity crane" (the crane lives for a thousand years). Therefore, later people use cranes to bless their longevity.|Some people even name it with the word "crane" for good luck and longevity such as: Hac Tho, Hac Linh... and the image of cranes is included in paintings to wish longevity, good luck screens, couplets and other carvings.|bird_Hac_5|The crane is also a symbol of freedom and elegance|In addition, each shape and position of the crane also symbolizes a separate meaning:|– A crane soaring into the sky symbolizes a good afterlife, adventure, because when someone dies, that person's soul will sit on the back of the crane and be carried by the crane to heaven.|– The image of a crane looming among the clouds symbolizes longevity, erudition, wisdom and regal life. The image also implies that the owner is reaching a high and powerful position.|– The image of cranes frolicking around the pine trees symbolizes the resilience and resilience of the owner to have a famous and rich life.|– One of the birthday gifts for parents can be a work of art with two cranes nestled together. That poetic image is like a wish for a peaceful family life inside and outside, symbolizing the continuation of the tradition of ancestors protecting family happiness.|The white crane with red feathers on the top of its head is believed by the Chinese to bring a great harmony to the family and help the relationship between members stay strong.|How to display the crane symbol|It is best to place the crane symbol in the south direction, as it will bring many good opportunities.|The West direction will bring good luck to your children, while the Northwest direction is the direction to choose if your family is the patriarch.|Placing cranes in the East direction will benefit sons and grandsons.|Screens with patterns embroidered with cranes are a good feng shui item, helping you block bad things that can enter your home.|Areas that should not be displayed are the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Maori mania aotearoa bedding setYou can also display cranes in the bedroom, dining room and living room.

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