German shepherd dog bedding set

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The German Becgie is one of the No. 1 Sheepdog breeds in the world. Unlike many other breeds that are heavily standardized, the German Shepherd (also known as the German Becgie), has quite a few variations. These are largely due to geography and are related to the breeding philosophies in the different locations in which these dogs were bred.|However, there are some characteristics of the German Shepherd breed regardless of where they were bred. These are the traits a dog must have in order to be considered a German Shepherd. Here is the most widely agreed upon breed information:|Content|The color and type of German Shepherd dog|In the United States, most typical purebred German Shepherds are tan with a black saddle. They can be black on the nose and muzzle and sometimes on the legs. They often have tufts around the neck that vary from tan to black.|German shepherd dog bedding setThe ears are black and the head may be black with brown around the eyes. In addition to a little black on the legs or food, they should have a predominantly tan or caramel color on their legs, with the tail being black above, with brown or tan along the bottom.|German Shepherd Dog|German Shepherd Dog|German Shepherd Dog Body Characteristics|The typical body shape of the German Shepherd is a large, powerful head with a long snout containing strong jaw muscles. The head slopes to the massive shoulders, the front legs are straight. The back continues to slope to the hidden leg, which is shorter (which causes the back to slope), but strong. A long, fluffy tail sits just between the legs. Depending on how the dog stands, the tail usually reaches or almost touches the ground.|Like color, body shape varies between dogs. Working dogs of this breed don't have the same sloping backs as their older siblings.|Their tails are usually shorter, but their faces, shoulders, ears, and front legs are often identical. If you had only glimpsed a working German Shepherd, you might think it was a wolf among sheep, as many working dogs are similar in appearance and color to wolves.|German Shepherd Dog Personality|The breed's founder, Max von Stephanitz, was very interested in the breed's personality. It was the character, not just the appearance, of the first German Shepherd that he wanted to clone by standardizing the breed. These dogs are widely loved for their even temperament and loyal, attentive personalities.|German Shepherd Dog Personality|German Shepherd is calm and cautious|German Shepherds are excellent working dogs|The stereotypical German Shepherd breed is considered brave, docile and strong. Biologically, they are large dogs, but with proper training and care, they are designed to be working dogs that can easily pull sleds as well as herd sheep. The first choice of search and rescue forces, police and military patrols. These dogs were chosen because they are strong enough to take down an attacker. They can even drag a person to safety.|Smart and loyal dog breed|It is their intelligence that has made them an effective working dog throughout history. They are easy to train because they are intelligent and because they are so eager to please their owners. This creates obedience, as long as the dog gets plenty of exercise to develop his natural energy.|This breed represents much of what the German people themselves represent. It is fierce loyalty, fearless even in the face of adversity. They are confident and even, sometimes aloof. German shepherd dog bedding setThe reason is partly due to instinctive prudence. Once they are proven that someone will not harm the flock, they are very sweet and protective.

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