Rockin’ the Black Girl life shirt

myhollybox2020 27.09.2021
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 To date, nearly 400 items -- predominantly sheet music -- have been received and others are expected to arrive in smaller shipments. In return, IMI is selecting books from the Library's list of offerings available on exchange. "The Library is pleased to add the works of Israeli composers to its music collection totaling more than 5 million items," said Librarian of Congress James H. Billington. "This material will increase the Library's holdings of music from that part of the world and be of great interest to researchers." The IMI's donation to the Library includes representative works of leading contemporary Israeli composers in a variety of formats, ranging from solo instrumental pieces to large scale orchestral and choral works. Some of the composers are Paul Ben Haim, Tzvi Avni, Yehezkel Braun and Menahem Avidom. 

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