They hate US cuz they ain’t US shirt

myhollybox2020 25.09.2021
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 It includes some 200 items, ranging from a historic letter written by Churchills ancestor the Duke of Marlborough in 1706, and the 9-year-old Churchills 1883 report card (which indicated that he was at times very naughty) to handwritten notes passed between Churchill and Averell Harriman as they rode in a noisy bomber to the 1942 Churchill-Stalin Conference. Also on view is the newly restored presidents globe identical to the two presented to Churchill and Roosevelt by U.S. Army Chief of Staff George Marshall in 1942 as Christmas gifts to facilitate war planning. Documents, letters, photographs, prints, maps and three-dimensional artifacts are drawn from the collections of the Library of Congress and the Churchill Archives Centre to tell the story of Churchill's life. 

Buy it here: They hate US cuz they ain’t US shirt

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