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Colleges, Universities Offer Distance Learning Programs in Theology

Universities and colleges offer accredited e-learning, independent study, distance learning theology degrees, distance education religion programs with Christian focus.

Several colleges and universities, which have full accreditation recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, offer online BA in Theology, online MA in Theology, and online PhD in Theology degrees.

Students are able to complete coursework via the Internet from their home or anywhere else. These undergraduate and graduate religion distance education programs have a Christian foundation.

Liberty University – Online Degrees in Theology and Religion

Liberty University, founded in 1971, is a Baptist, evangelical Christian university in Lynchburg, Virginia. The university boasts 11,300 on-campus students and 37,000 online students.

Liberty University offers several online degree programs in theology and religion, including, but not limited to, an Associate of Arts in Religion, Bachelor of Science in Religion, Master of Arts in Theological Studies, Master of Arts in Religion, Master of Divinity, Master of Sacred Theology, and Doctor of Philosophy in Theology and Apologetics. Liberty University’s distance learning degree programs offer courses in church ministries, theological issues, church planning, and the Bible.

St. Joseph’s College of Maine – Distance Learning Undergraduate Degree in Theology

Founded in 1912, St. Joseph’s College of Maine is a Catholic institution located in Standish, Maine, with just over 1,000 students.

St. Joseph’s offers an Online Bachelor of Arts in Theology degree. The e-learning program is tailored for students who want to perform pastoral, social service, or other spiritual work. Coursework focuses heavily on Catholic doctrine, theology, and history.

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Sterling College – E-Learning BA Degree in Theology and Ministry

Sterling College, founded in 1887, is a Christian school with approximately 750 students located in Sterling, Kansas.

An online Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology and Ministry is offered through Sterling College. The program provides students with a theological and philosophical foundation and prepares graduates for careers in Christian ministry as well as graduate work in a variety of disciplines. Coursework includes classes in Christian history, the Bible, and Christian service.

Catholic Distance University – Distance Education in Theology Programs

Founded in 1983, Catholic Distance University is based in Hamilton, Virginia.

Catholic Distance University offers two e-learning programs—a BA in Theology and an MA in Theology. The online undergraduate degree in Theology requires students to have completed general education requirements and earned at least 90 credits.

The online BA and MA religion programs prepare students for teaching, church work, and other religious vocations. Catholic Distance University’s online religion degrees offer courses in Catholic culture, philosophy, service, and scripture.

Reformed Theological Seminary – Online Graduate Degree in Religion

Reformed Theological Seminary, founded in 1966, is an evangelical Protestant school. It has campuses in Mississippi, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, and Washington, DC.

An online Master’s degree in Religion is offered by the Reformed Theological Seminary. The distance education program requires theology students to attend two on-campus seminars, which each last four days, but the rest of the degree is completely online. Classes in church history, theology, ethics, scripture, and apologetics are required.

Judson College – Online Independent Study BA in Religious Studies

Founded in 1838 and located in Marion, Alabama, Judson College is a Baptist school and one of the oldest women’s colleges in the United States. The school has fewer than 500 students enrolled.

Judson College offers an online BA in Religious Studies degree. This program prepares students for teaching, church or humanitarian service, or graduate coursework. Required courses include philosophy, ethics, theology, and scripture.

Caldwell College – Distance Learning BA Program in Theology

Caldwell College, founded in 1939, is a Catholic school with nearly 2,500 students.

Caldwell College offers a distance learning BA in Theology through its External Degree Program. Students must be 23 years of age or older. External Degree students are required to be on campus at the beginning of each semester for External Degree Saturday to meet with faculty about coursework. Coursework includes classes in Christian history, theology, tradition, and scripture.

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