Clark University Holocaust Studies PhD Degree

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Doctorate, Graduate Program with Courses in Shoah, Genocide of Jews

Clark University, in Worcester, Massachusetts, offers PhD in Holocaust and Genocide Studies degree. College also offers Holocaust Studies undergraduate concentration.

Clark University, in Worcester, Massachusetts, is the only post-secondary school in the world to offer a PhD program specifically in Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Clark University also offers an undergraduate concentration in Holocaust, Genocide Studies. The undergraduate and graduate Holocaust Studies programs at Clark University prepare students to take active roles as informed citizens, teachers, and leaders in the world.

Readers interested in finding out what schools offer BA and MA degrees in Holocaust Studies should read Holocaust Studies at U.S. Colleges and Universities.

Clark University Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

The mission of Clark University’s Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies is to educate students about the Holocaust as well as other genocides, both past and present. The Strassler Center describes its mission as follows:

"The Strassler Center is committed to offering excellent graduate training in the hope of giving shape to a better future; in the hope of learning to recognize genocidal ideologies before they take control; in the hope of identifying strategies for deterrence. Perpetrated around the globe, mass murder erupts in many different social, historical, and economic contexts. Nevertheless, patterns emerge which hold across geographic areas. It is these underlying factors scholars at the Center seek to identify, analyze, and understand."

Clark University’s doctoral and undergraduate programs provide students with a solid foundation in the history of the Holocaust, including World War II; the psychology of the perpetrators of the Holocaust; writings of Holocaust survivors; as well as Jewish studies, encompassing the history and culture of the Jews from ancient to modern times.

In addition, Clark University Holocaust, Genocide programs cover international human rights, international politics, and the causes and consequences of genocides. The undergraduate and graduate programs prepare students to intelligently respond to Holocaust denial and deniers of other genocides.

PhD in Holocaust, Genocide Studies Offered through Clark University

Clark University offers a five-year doctorate program in Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Two doctoral degree tracks are available. The first track is a PhD in History, which focuses on Holocaust and comparative genocide study. The second track is a PhD in Social Psychology, which involves study of the causes of genocides, experiences of victims, and the societal consequences of group trauma and suffering.

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Graduates of the PhD program in Holocaust and Genocide Studies are well prepared to work as educators and historians and serve in advocacy groups, political and governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Clark University Holocaust, Genocide Studies Undergraduate Concentration

A concentration in Holocaust and Genocide Studies is available to undergraduate students at Clark University. The concentration is valuable for students who wish to pursue advanced degrees in history, politics, international studies, and so on, as well as students pursuing degrees in elementary and secondary education. In fact, many states have specific public education requirements for the teaching of the Holocaust.

Clark University PhD Degree and Undergraduate Concentration in Holocaust Studies

Clark University is unique among post-secondary schools in the United States and abroad in that it is the only school to offer a PhD in Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Bachelor’s-level students can also receive an education in the Holocaust by completing requirements for a concentration in Holocaust, Genocide Studies.

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