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But after yelling and arguing with him all night about something that I’m not going to bring up, we finally made our final point and ended it around 1–1:30 am, and he was to leave the following day. But around 3 am he started arguing with me some more about it, and I was done. I kept telling him to shut the fuck up, that my girls were asleep, and had to get up for school in three hours and he will keep his voice down so they could get some fucking sleep without hearing people arguing. He wouldn’t listen. He kept on and kept on. I backhanded him so hard, like letting loose of a tightly wound metal spring. And he was even sitting down as I was standing in front of him telling him to shut the fuck up. So, not only did I wind my hand back hard and fast, I came down on him with it as well. They flew me out in what seemed like minutes, but it had to be longer than that. After

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