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Thought “oh he looks like he’s bleeding somewhere”, but no evidence, he was sitting and eating his lunch. Settled my patient into their new bed and handed over within minutes. Walked back past the room and he was just staring at his lap while fresh blood pumped up from between his legs. I initiated the emergency call and the staff up there cracked on with hemorrhage protocol and I went back to my unit. No job in higher ed with that kind of conviction on your record. And vindication was ours as well. The other lived next door and was a wife abusing bastard. He also had dogs and he’d let them out without leashes to attack our foster puppies. When we asked him to please keep his dog on a leash, he freaked out and cussed us out, calling us old lame losers. Then he started doing things to make our lives hell. I was pregnant and he made my life hell for most of my pregnancy. He’d blast his music all day long and slam his vacuum into the wall every time he used it.

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