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 In about 2001 I was in a bar playing doubles foosball somewhere in Ohio. My partner was a newbie whom I had talked into trying the game. I, on the other hand, could play against world-class players and not get slaughtered too badly. We were just hoping for a good time and a good game for my friend to cut his teeth on. We suspected what he was doing skulking around his neighbor’s house in the middle of the night with his pants too loose to stay up (peeping tom) but since we hadn’t caught him in the act, we simply talked to him, ran him to make sure he didn’t have warrants and let him be on his way. Of course, running his name showed that he is a registered child sex offender which came to the surprise of no one. But it certainly explained why I had felt chills all over my body when he had stared at me so intensely even while multiple police officers were watching.

Pistons rods and dad bods s hoodie

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