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weshirt 29.07.2021
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Single malt and blended Scotch whisky generally fall into two flavor profiles: Sweet or smoky. Smoky scotch can have sweet flavor notes, but it’s often the peaty smoke that’s the star of the show. The sweet Scotch whiskies, on the other hand, tend to lean into florals, fruits, and honeyed sweetness (even if they carry a little smoke). While we enjoy all of the many notes prevalent in Scotch whisky, today we’re turning our attention solely to honey. So where does this flavor come from and how can we find whiskies in which it’s heavily featured? AMERICAN HONEY SHIRT. Honey flavor is most often prevalent in whiskies that have been aged in American white oak barrels, primarily ex-bourbon casks. Flavors reminiscent of clover, heather, and various types of honey come from the charred wood as well as the sweet esters that are created during the fermentation process, which layers in the honey notes. To find these sweet, mellow bottles of scotch, we reached out to fifteen of our favorite bartenders and asked for their picks. Check their creative, often surprising answers below and click on the prices if you want to order a bottle for yourself.

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