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ShopShops, a New York-based app founded by Liyia Wu and launched in 2018, will announce the Series B funding round on Wednesday, co-led by LightShed Ventures and Acrew Capital. Existing investors Union Square Ventures, Forerunner Ventures, and The Chernin Group also contributed to the round, as did Hyphen Capital's Dave Lu and Gaingels. ShopShops previously raised a $14 million Series A round in July 2019 and a $6 million seed round in April 2018. The new fundraise is a clear bet by investors and the company that livestream shopping - already a $125 million market in China, according to Coresight Research - can become a big trend in the US, too. REBECCA MINKOFF I LOVE NEW YORK STRONGER TOGETHER SHIRT. ShopShops' business model involves onboarding what it calls "host sellers," people who can show off a product's features and answer shoppers' questions while livestreaming on the app from a local partnering store. These host sellers often have previous sales or merchandising experience, and sometimes they are "nano" influencers, with a relatively small but engaged following in a specific niche. Having knowledge of local spots and deals is also key to host sellers' success. Wu said the personal nature of the livestreams means that many of ShopShops' users are repeat customers. Shoppers spend between 10 and 30 minutes, on average, consuming livestreamed content before they make a purchase, she said. They can place orders in real time, while watching the livestream.

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