Baby’s First Mother’s Day On The Inside Shirt

weshirt 24.09.2021
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In the weeks after Joelle Cosmas’ son was born in May 2020, waves of friends arrived outside the duplex she shared with her husband and their newborn child in Chicago. The guests would hover outside the front gate, their smiles cloaked by masks, and set down bags filled with homemade dinners, gifts and groceries, sandwiches from a favorite Italian deli in the city. Cosmas would walk down the steps, lifting her son, Johnny, for her friends to behold — “like the Lion King,” she recalls now, laughing a little, even though those visits often made her cry. There wasn’t time to talk — really talk — about how things were going, what it felt like to be a first-time mother at the height of a global pandemic. After a few minutes of chatter, her friends would be on their way, and Cosmas and her husband would bring the food and gifts inside, close the door and find themselves the way they’d mostly been for months: alone together again. BABY’S FIRST MOTHER’S DAY ON THE INSIDE SHIRT. “My friends don’t realize how I’ve changed and grown in the past year — and not only me, but my husband as well,” says Cosmas, 33. “They missed the whole thing. And it’s sad that they don’t really know me as a mom, because it’s now my priority, and such an important part of who I am.” New motherhood is meant to be a communal journey, in which a mother is ushered into her role by family and friends who support her, guide her and witness her. But for first-time moms like Cosmas, who were already pregnant when the pandemic was first declared, the passage into parenthood was very different from what they’d once anticipated.

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