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 The 'How Long Will I Love You' hitmaker and her husband Caspar Jopling welcomed their first born into the world in April, and the newborn's father shot a film of his wife's pregnancy journey, which they have shared on Instagram. Ellie captioned the heart-warming clip: “Dropped a BIG unexpected side project this year think it might be the greatest yet- shoutout to Mother Nature for the collab of all collabs Music by @tshamusic. The 34-year-old singer flashes her blossoming baby bump at various stages of her pregnancy, shows her ultrasound and exercises in the clip, which concludes with a sweet black and white snap of the 'Love Me Like You Do' singer cradling her baby boy in bed with just the top of his head on display. Arthur Love Is Love Shirt. Their son's full name is Arthur Ever Winter Jopling and, the couple - who tied the knot in 2019 - made the formal announcement in The Times newspaper's Births, Deaths and Marriages section last month. The announcement, published under a Biblical quote, read: "JOPLING. On 29th April 2021 to Elena Goulding and Caspar, a son, Arthur Ever Winter. (sic)" Caspar revealed the baby's arrival in a sweet post on Instagram. He wrote alongside a photo of some flowers: "Mum and baby both healthy and happy :) Extremely grateful “I don't ever address the public attention that comes with Ellie's job, but during this magical and personal moment we would really appreciate being able to enjoy our privacy ... Thank you x (sic)"

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