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John awoke with a start, the wall slowly coming into focus as his eyes adjusted to having newly been opened. As had been happening all of the past week, he had an erection, thanks to his dream. This dream was different however, as this time he dreamt of when Henry fucked him yesterday, instead of the first time. Yesterday had been substantially more pleasurable than the first time. It didn't hurt as much, he wasn't as scared as he knew what to expect, he was ravenously horny, and Henry hadn't worn a condom, so John had experienced the full bliss of skin on skin contact gay masturbating videos. He looked over his shoulder to make sure Henry was still asleep so he could masturbate, and was surprised to see him standing right next to John's bed, completely naked, and fully erect. John rolled over fully and sat up in shock, but Henry didn't move an inch. He just stood there in silence, his cock occasionally bouncing as it throbbed. The movement caught John's eyes, and he stared at it, knowing exactly how good it felt to have it inside him. He tried to look away, to not give in to Henry, but he couldn't. Henry finally spoke. "You want it don't you? You can't even take your eyes off it. Admit it and it's yours. Ask me, and I'll fuck you better than I have before. You'd be on your knees begging for it if you knew how good it'll be." He leaned forward, until he was a few inches from John's face. "But you don't get it until you ask. I got other people I can fuck, so it doesn't bother me. You're the only one missing out here." He stood back up and stared at John, waiting for an answer. John was still yet to tear his gaze away from the bouncing cock. He knew Henry was waiting for his answer, but he said nothing. He could no longer deny it to himself; he wanted it. He wanted Henry to bend him over and fuck him like he had before. He wanted to know how much better it could possibly be. But all the arousal in the world couldn't make him admit it out loud. After a painful internal struggle, he managed to shake his head no. Henry smirked. "Fair enough. But you seemed to have trouble, so I'll ask again tomorrow." He went back to his bed and put his clothes back on, just in time for the morning alarm to go off and the cell door to open. "I'll see you later", Henry said casually, then walked out the door. *** John lay awake at night, waiting until he could hear Henry's snoring. He'd been desperate to masturbate all day. He couldn't understand why he was so turned on by all this. He was completely ashamed of himself at how much he enjoyed being this man's sex toy, but the shame and humiliation only seemed to turn him on even more. What made it worse was that Henry seemed to enjoy having this sexual power over him. It was the next night, and Henry had asked again that morning. John had managed to say no again, but Henry's arrogant smirking as well as flexing his hard-on while standing right in front of John had almost caused John to give in and admit that he wanted it. He listened out for Henry's breathing, but it sounded like he was still awake, and John was getting tired, so he gave up waiting, and went to sleep. *** The next morning, Henry didn't try to make John ask him, but he was awake first, meaning John didn't get to masturbate again, leaving John to spend the whole day on edge, just like yesterday and the day before. The only time he saw him that day was at lunch, when he was sitting a few tables away. Henry spent the entire time just staring at John with that cocky smirk that made him feel small, helpless, used, and desperately horny. It wasn't until that night that he saw Henry again. John was sitting on his bed reading when Henry came in just before curfew, and without saying a word, he disrobed, and stood before John completely naked, and harder than steel. John dropped his book in surprise, and gasped when he saw Henry's cock. As per usual, his eyes were instantly glued to it. Henry knew he had John right where he wanted him, so he began to flex his cock. Holding the flex for a few seconds, then letting it go. Repeating the process again and again, while John looked on helplessly, almost becoming hypnotised. Try as he might, he was unable to look away. Even if he were gay, he wouldn't have thought it would be considered an attractive penis, but he knew the ability the owner of it had, and what he could do with it. His own dick grew until it matched the hardness. He sat there, watching it slowly rise and fall from being flexed, until Henry spoke. "I know you want it. You know it too. There's no point in denying it. Admit it. Tell me you want my cock, and I'll give it to you. I'll fuck the cum right out of your balls. All you have to do is say it." John felt his will eroding. Here he was, a straight man being told to ask to be fucked by another man. He was so horny. A whisper slipped out from between his lips. "I didn't catch that," said Henry, humiliating John even further. "Look at me and say it Celebrity gays ." The command Henry issued was what allowed John to finally pull his eyes away from his cock, and he looked up at Henry, and that was it. He submitted to the man. "I want it." Henry didn't hesitate. He bent over and grabbed John's ankles, lifting them up in the air, forcing John to fall onto his back, leaving Henry standing between his legs. Grabbing at John's hips, Henry slipped his fingers into the waistband of his pants and underwear and slid them off, leaving John naked below the waist. He then grabbed John's ankles and put them on his shoulders, one on each side of his head. John looked up at Henry, who had just spat in his hand and had begun to rub it all over his dick, and was stunned. Was Henry going to fuck him like this? "Wh-what are you doing?" He asked. Henry looked down with his trademark smirk and replied. "Well I've heard how much you like me fuckin' you, now I wanna see it." Without any further warning, he pressed into John, who felt Henry's hardness push between his cheeks, until it stopped at his backdoor. Henry pushed again, less roughly this time, but with enough force the cross the barrier, and John gasped as he felt the head enter him. John looked up, and locked eyes with Henry, who didn't even blink as he slowly pushed into John. John's body twitched a few times as he felt the smooth, hard rod poking its way inside, until eventually Henry was all the way in. He grabbed John's ankles and took them off his shoulders, opening the legs out so they were now on either side of his hips. Placing a hand on each of John's inner thighs, he used them for leverage as he began to pull out. John was still looking directly into Henry's eyes when he started pulling out, and had to catch his breath to stifle a moan. The position Henry was fucking him in changed the angle of entry, and as such it felt significantly better, if such a thing was even possible. He was unprepared then for what came next, as when Henry used John's legs to pull himself back deep inside, he rolled his hips back, so his dick made a scooping motion. John couldn't help it; he threw his head back and arched his back. The pleasure was too much. An uncontrollable moan drawled out of his mouth. Henry immediately picked up the pace and began fucking him faster, all the while maintaining he rolling motion that was driving John crazy. It was only a matter of minutes before John felt it; the familiar feeling deep inside him of an impending orgasm. Seconds later, it ripped through his body, but unlike previous sessions, he didn't ejaculate the way he always did. His dick simply vomited out a clear liquid onto his stomach, which had tensed so tightly it was almost painful. The orgasm kept going, having reached a plateau, it stayed there, leaving John to ride through the high of it. He moaned the whole way through, just like Henry fucked him all the way through. Eventually it receded, but the sex didn't end. Henry kept going, occasionally taunting John. "You should see the look on your face. Pure fucking lust. You're nothing but a slut for my cock." Being humiliated only turned him on more, and with Henry still fucking him, it was only a few more minutes before he felt the impossible: another orgasm. His voice caught in his throat as it exploded within him, his dick once again leaking the clear fluid but not fully cumming. His legs began to spasm from his knees downward, and his toes curled up at the intensity. His legs retracted inwards, but with Henry in the way they had nowhere to go, so they inadvertently wrapped around Henry, pulling him in even closer. John rode the orgasmic high, never wanting it to end. And unlike last time, it didn't end. It kept going, never stopping so long as Henry never stopped. Just as he thought he couldn't take it any more, a surge of pressure began to grow deep inside him. Every muscle in his body began to tighten, and his vision began to blur. His moans turned into hoarse grunts, and without warning his dick spewed cum like a shaken-up bottle of champagne Gays Anal Fisting  . If his voice hasn't seized up minutes ago, he would've screamed. His vision darkened, and the last thing he heard before he passed out was Henry beginning to grunt from his own approaching orgasm. *** John slowly awoke, apparently only a few minutes later, as Henry was finishing cleaning himself. He could feel Henry's cum leaking out of him onto his bed, but he couldn't move. Every muscle in his body had turned to jelly, so he just lay there, feeling the tingles of post-orgasmic haze all over his body. He couldn't even say something to Henry, who gave him a look a conqueror would give to a defeated enemy. And it was true. John has given himself over to Henry, submitted to him, requested that Henry fuck him. And he would do it again. His eyes slowly closed, and he drifted off to sleep.

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