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I was taught that English language is the same English Language anywhere in the world, but to my surprise English language is not the same all over the world. I was lost in English translation when I arrived in the United States of America from Nigeria. I was born and raised in the Eastern part of Nigeria. Nigeria is located in the western part of Africa and it is the most populous country in Africa lined with trees to create a beautiful landscape. Nigeria has about twenty different dialects and native languages. Personalized a wicked witch and a grumpy toad live here People with different native languages have to communicate in English language to understand each other. In 1960, Nigeria gained its independence from the British government. English became the official language of Nigeria after the colonial rule of the British government. There are different dialects of English language in Nigeria. The pigeon English (broken English) is the commonly used language. Those that were not educated were able to speak the pigeon English. Then, there is the correct English which are spoken by those who were educated. As a high school graduate, I belong to the correct English group.

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Personalized a wicked witch and a grumpy toad live here doormat

I earned my high school diploma when I graduated from high school in Nigeria. For one to earn a high school diploma in Nigeria, it is like mastering all the school works from ones first year in high school to the last year in high school. Over one-thousand, five-hundred million people speak English worldwide. Personalized a wicked witch and a grumpy toad live here It is used in commerce, legislation, and as the basis for communication between countries. Many adolescents learn how to speak English in their early childhood, and many universities worldwide mainly teach in English. Historically, the most widely spoken language has originated from a very powerful nation. Thus, the influence of English-speaking countries is exceptionally great, incentivizing the widespread use of the language. Although English may be deemed the “international language”, it is one of the most difficult dialects and a simpler language may better serve the propose of a universal vernacular. A common language is becoming more necessary as global trade…show more content… Furthermore, English is very widespread and changing the “international language” at this point would be very difficult to attempt due to the economic reliance on the language as well as the advancement of science.

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All languages around the world are attached to a sort of culture and ethnicity, which is the most interesting part about having the privilege to learn another language. Personalized a wicked witch and a grumpy toad live here A weakness of using English as the world’s language would be the history behind the language as well as the culture that comes along with its use. Great Britain and the United States have long served as centers of commerce and a show of power. These world leaders have exploited many countries and globally serve as a symbol of self-indulgence and arrogance, which does not sit well with people of other nationalities. Although it may not appear that English is a culturally-rich language and that it would serve as a neutral language to use as the universal dialect, it carries many memories of oppression and angst. Furthermore, English is simply a confusing language to learn. It has “highly irregular orthography” and many forms of consonant clusters (Debatewise).

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