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 For Vincent Van Gogh, art was what kept him emotionally balanced; therefore, he needed to put his feelings into his paintings in order to stay relatively sane. Van Gogh found the freedom to express his passionate character, extreme sensitivity, and torture of continuous unrequited love through his work. Using colors to exemplify a feeling rather than a representation brought life to each and every Van Gogh masterpiece. Even today, an observer could feel and understand his emotions and struggles through his paintings a century after he died. This is what made Van Gogh so famous. Octopus The emotional intensity expressed through his paintings connected with billions of people through the years. The notable beauty, raw emotion, and inventive use of color made Van Gogh one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century. Van Gogh was the stereotypical troubled artistic genius. He struggled with mental disorders and poverty for his whole life. Van Gogh was admitted to an asylum multiple times during his stay in Arles, France. While it was a great battle for Van Gogh to deal with his disorders, his mental instability was key to the emotional expressiveness and general brilliance of his work.

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Octopus rug

In colors on the snowy linen land” (Top 25 Starry Night Quotes). This poem by Don McLean, an American songwriter, clearly shows the importance and the allure of the painting “Starry Night” by Vincent van Gogh. Since the time of his death, van Gogh has become a world renowned painter. Octopus  His paintings are unique in using vivid colors and the use of movement of the paint which is true of the Impressionist Era in the 19th century. Vincent van Gogh’s use of motion, color, and careful placement of objects and using contrasting light and dark make this painting unique and priceless. Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch painter during the late 1800s. In 1880, van Gogh turned to painting as his profession, but like most artist of his time he received little recognition until after his death in 1890. He traveled to Paris where he experimented with Impressionism and other art styles while focusing on suburban and city life scapes. It was during this time that van Gogh was also influenced by Japanese prints. Eight years later, van Gogh moved to southern France where he was inspired by the landscape and the sunlight causing him to use more vivid colors. (Greenberg) Vivid colors were used by van Gogh to show the beauty of the world that God created. Being a devout Christian, During Vincent’s time at the Saint-Rémy sanatorium, he painted one of his renowned landscape paintings, Starry Night in 1889. The choice of medium used was oil paint where Vincent famously displayed his impasto technique on the hemp material canvas.

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He wrote to his brother about his inspiration stating, “This morning I saw the country from my window a long time before sunrise, with nothing but the morning star, which looked very big” . Hence, you can infer that Starry Night was painted from the view of Vincent’s room where the background of the composition depicts the night scenery of a small and peaceful village, which juxtaposes the movements of the brightly lit sky. Octopus  However, Vincent did not exactly follow what he saw from his window but painted from what he saw in his imagination, following the likes of Gauguin. A lucent crescent of the moon is seen on the top right hand corner of the painting where dramatic contours and fluidity of the brushworks are seen due to the Japonisme influences. Moreover, the eleven stars and the rolling hills are depicted moving to the momentum of the swirling sky. The tone used in Vincent’s painting were a mixed of warm and cool colours to convey his emotions. In order to achieve the dramatic mood of this painting, Vincent used white and yellow oil paints, which marries well with the blue and green to create the night sky.

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