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 His experience motivates me to perform incredibly well academically, so that I can benefit from the life skills offered by education. Therefore, I do not take education lightly for I know through education, my dreams are valid. Education is a global language that awards achievers. On the global Values are things that are important that guide us, individually, to make decisions. Each person has a different set of values, morals, and ethics, which is a reason that they can handle a situation differently. Mushroom butt It’s not something physical that can be seen or be exchange in any kind of way. It is “that” something that is deep within which develops through life experiences and how it can make an impact on our personal lives. Mushroom butt When I first started high school, I was full of confidence and excitement. As time went by, school got hard and I couldn’t comprehend on what was taught to me. I felt lost and didn’t know what I wanted to be or do after high school. I thought that having friends and being popular were more important than education.…show more content… I could never forget the wonderful experiences I have learned and how it created who I am today. If you were to ask me that if I ever had the chance to start over, I would say no.

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Mushroom butt hawaiian shirt 

Without the hardships, I would still be a spoiled brat today and would never learn to grow up. My independence is what keeps me going and strive to be a better person each day. Based on the value clarification assessment, my most important values are: having the world at peace, enjoying the world of beauty, and the freedom to enjoy life without boundaries or rules. I know that these three are the hardest goals to accomplish. The prejudice we have against one another, the traditions we were born to believe in, etc., Mushroom butt is so broad that nobody could ever be on the same page. I’ve even heard from people that there’s going to be a World War 3 due to the current events we are having with North Korea. Apparently, they deployed a nuclear submarine as part of a series of military drills by the peninsula of Korea. But was it really a drill like they claim or did the president secretly try to destroy North Korea? Well, that surely ticked off Kim Jong-un, Supreme leader of North Korea. He even made a threat to the US to not even think twice about messing with them, otherwise, he’ll be sending a nuclear our way, without us knowing. It’s scary not knowing what’s going to happen next.

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Through this activity, “One, two, buckle my shoe. Three, four, knock at the door. Five, six, pick up sticks.” Going to school used to be fun! I couldn’t wait to get to class and see what new song I would be learning that day, so I could sing it the whole ride home. The value of my education changed when I got to middle school. It just wasn’t fun anymore. School became more of a job, rather than a learning experience. The importance of my education I had to start with me. No one wanted to learn for me, Mushroom butt I had to want to succeed for myself, and I wish I didn’t have to learn that the hard way. Many people in my generation do want things handed to them without having to put forth much effort, but for most people if they are encouraged, especially by educators to do great students will want to go above and beyond. Most students attend school just to receive a diploma or to get a degree these days, simply because throughout school parents, administrators and even some friends always say you can’t do anything without a diploma.

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