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dnstyles 16.05.2021
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Once I sign in or log into a website, I expect seamless and almost self-directing services. only has three very simple steps in the ordering process. To initiate the process, the customer only needs to click on the “hire writer” button, and the order form springs up. However, it is interesting that even before you begin typing your specifications, the website offers you several writers from whom you are requested to select the one most suited to your requirements. This may seem like an effort leading to a custom paper, but, wait a minute. Am I not supposed to finish typing out my specifications before they even imagine that I want to choose a preferred writer? Does this company not trust their writers to gauge themselves against my specifications before I decide the one assigned to me is not appropriate? Someone with down syndrome has my heart Furthermore, most other websites will have predefined topics to choose from that are reflective of what the academic world entails as opposed to customers having to type out even simple aspects as topics. The truth is that rushing to ask me to choose a writer is an early sign that I will only have myself to blame for the quality of paper I will eventually receive. If  were genuine, they would give me the most appropriate writer themselves and be accountable for the paper they deliver.

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Someone with down syndrome has my heart all over printed 3D hoodie

I noticed that immediately after choosing a writer or being assigned a computer-generated choice, the prices that I received for all my differently placed orders were the same. Someone with down syndrome has my heart It must come as a warning sign that regardless of whether I needed the paper the same day or the following day, whether it was a Math, English or Biology paper, the price was always $32 per page. Edubirdie writers do not seem to understand that different subjects have different implications with regards to the time it requires to complete each and the approach they should assume towards researching and compiling a paper. The pricing advertisements they post on the website are not applicable and only seem to be there for purposes of tempting the customers to rush towards placing an order. Still, this differs sharply with the fact that they urge you to place a free order. To me, this is aspect robs the company of considerable credit and can only mean two things: either  profiles its customers and has fixed rates for each or no one reviews order details before a price is quoted.

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I am a student in the U.S., and my institution strictly requires us to use U.S. English in all our papers. This means that any writer doing my papers must be proficient in both spoken and written U.S. English according to the specifications I gave when ordering. However, the company does not mention anywhere that they have native English speakers working as writers. Someone with down syndrome has my heart From the written language I saw in their chats, I could immediately tell that those were not just grammar errors; I was chatting with a non native English speaker. From the investigations that I conducted with some of my fellow students, we established that all Edubirdie writers are Russian and are not subjected to proficiency tests before they are hired. This directly explains the quality of papers I received, even if not in terms of the relevance of the content, at least with regards to grammar.

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