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But the problem gets worse for the obese children. The health risks for the young ones is worse than what was anticipated. While many people blame the parents of obese children for causing the kids to be overweight, experts in the field say it isn’t their fault. The BBC New Magazine article “Childhood Obesity: 10 of Your Stories,” reported: “Causes range from a lack of education about food, limited cooking skills and limited money to buy healthier food to longer working hours and marketing campaigns for junk food aimed at kids,” (par.3). However, this point seems to lay too little blame on the parents. This says marketing campaigns for junk food that is targeting kids is causes the parents to somehow lose control and seek out these fatty food. Samurai It should be pointed out that these providers of fatty foods aren’t holding a gun to the parents’ heads. They shouldn’t be held responsible for these parents’ lack of willpower. It is up to every parent to become educated on the hazards of fatty foods. In a BBC case study of five people who were overweight as kids, the news agency asked them what caused them to become obese.

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One adult who was an obese kid said parents too often force the last crumb off of a plate down their child’s throat. These parents say they don’t want to waste the food. The example of the obese child in this case said her mother gave her huge portions and told her to keep eating long after she was full. “I was once punished severely by my grandfather for not eating the last morsel on my place. Samurai I was dragged screaming across the room and locked into the garden room, denied any pudding and isolated from my family. I was three years old,” (par. 5). So it appears that even here the cause is adult stupidity. The woman who described this scene said those eating habits continued into her adulthood. Now, she says she is in the habit of forcing down a huge portion and eating to the point where she feels sick. She is still overweight at age 43. But in another example, a woman said she was able to overcome the poor eating habits that she was introduced to as a child.

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Her willpower allowed her to break these habits that were instilled in her by her parents. When she was 18 years old, she was severely overweight, but after she moved out of her home and got married, she was able to drop her weight in half, approximately. “Motivation overcame my programming,” (par. 6).The problem looks to be getting worse, according to one man who said he was considered fat by his peers. Samurai A photo of the man at age 10 shows someone who wouldn’t likely be considered obese by today’s standards. “Looking at my photographs, I was nowhere near as fat as the children we are worried about today and there were very few children like that at the time,” (par. 7). He said he blames his mother who he suspects was attempting to compensate for the “wartime and rationing shortages.” He became a diabetic at age 56 and he believes overdosing on sugar as a child was the cause.

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