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Student volunteering is considered by many experts as beneficial to the society because it promotes community development. In addition to this reason, students could also acquire numerous benefits and advantages when involved in volunteering programs. According to Shah (51), volunteering work is recommended for students because it could improve their life at school and in the real world. Protected by a crazy august guy When involved in volunteering programs, students could enhance their skills, experience, and knowledge which they could use for their future career. For example, students may improve their planning abilities through volunteering work. Although the benefits of volunteering programs are known, barriers to volunteering still exist in most societies or communities. Some students opted not to be involved in volunteering programs because they are using most of their time studying or earning money for their (Shah et al., 53). In some cases, students also view volunteering work as boring and time-consuming. Although this is the case, students should be involved Influencing your community, changing the mindsets of others for the benefit of our ever so negative society, it is a job only fit for some.

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Protected by a crazy august guy legging

Those that take on this role in their community and or friend group seem to find an exhilarating feeling of satisfaction and happiness out of putting smiles on others. The beauty of it all is how many different ways someone can influence and change their surroundings, each task has its and no activity can be labeled as far more important. For one, and probably a more popular option, is volunteering which in it of itself is a very wide range and vague topic. Another important way one can get into the minds of others would be through their own voice. By being able to share their message they are also practicing and improving their public speaking skills. Protected by a crazy august guy In the end of the day all of these are the building blocks and the characteristics of a leader. It is for these leaders in our community that more schools county wide including Mater Lakes Academy should have a Student Influencers Club or a Student Council. A primary and foundation to influencing others is by just being able to help around the community. It is probably exactly for this reason that student volunteering began. Take for example Cardiff, the capital of wales, here in this city it is said that “ Student volunteering has been an integral part of Cardiff’s student community activities since the 1960’s,” (The Benefits Of Student Volunteering, Kathryn Harrington).

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At some point in life almost everyone is going to end up in a nursing home. The phase of ageing causes the elderly to go through a phase of mixed emotions of loneliness and depression. Students should volunteer in their local community because it can benefit the elderly, the volunteers themself and the community.  Older students are more and likely to than younger students. Younger students want to spend more time on playing video games , hanging out with friends and doing what they prefer to do so volunteering doesn’t seem to come to mind. Teens of the ages 16 to 19, are more and likely to volunteer than other age groups of the age of 35 (“volunteering”). Protected by a crazy august guy A little over a third of High School seniors volunteer at least once a month. Among all the Tenth Graders, the percentages and patterns was similar with the Twelfth Graders. In the Year of 1991 the percentage of Twelfth Graders who volunteered increased to 24%. (“Volunteering”). As many years came the percentage of Twelfth graders who volunteered increased. In the year of 2001 the percentages of Twelfth Graders who volunteered increased to 35% and stayed steady until 2010 ( “volunteering”). Between the years of 2010 and 2014, volunteering among both tenth and twelfth graders increased(“Trends”).

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