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"The winner of the first Survivor competition is...Rich." It was the name heard 'round the country the night of August 23, 2000, as 51 million television viewers tuned in to the finale of Survivor. The questions, the predictions, the bets, and the reality rested on that one name. Autism Awareness Eagle For three months, America watched and wondered. Who could it be? Who is the ultimate survivor? With the unveiling of that single, now infamous, name, you could almost feel the country erupt with emotion. The collective gasp of the shocked was shrouded by the cheers and hollers of all the Richard Hatch fans scattered across the country's living rooms and sports bars. But just how real is this reality tv? The idea of a "reality tv" show was first presented by MTV in the early 90's. The concept of the show was to place seven strangers in a common house for six months, all the while recording their social interactions. The intention was to observe the social dynamic and development of the housemates as they (according to the show's opening slogan) "stop acting polite and start getting real." The Real World debut was a major success for the network, especially in attracting a large teenage audience. Set in New York City, the show thrived by airing the housemates adventures both in and out of the house.

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Autism Awareness Eagle flag

From downtown raves to bedroom battles to intimate encounters, every move the housemates made was seen by the curious eyes of the American public. The Real World, now in its 10th season, has become a mainstay for the MTV network. Changing cities each season, the show constantly explores the issues and problems that young people face in today's society. In this way, the show tends to reach only a sp... ... middle of paper ... ...F? Autism Awareness Eagle Who Wants to Divorce Their Ungrateful Spouse? Survivor: In Space? Well, once again I am shocked by the newspaper headlines. Released to the press (I kid you not) on September 12, 2000: "NBC strikes deal for 'Survivor' show in space." How on earth could that possibly happen? How real can that actually be? I'm sure they have it all figured out. We instead should ask ourselves, does the degree of reality determine the quality of the entertainment?

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Maybe a better question is, should the degree of reality determine the quality of the entertainment? The decision lies in the viewer's hand, which grasps that all-powerful television remote. Many fates are determined by the simple click of a button. As for me, you can bet I'll be the first one watching as that lucky winner is launched into the stratosphere during the most exciting live broadcast in TV history. The reality show phenomenon Autism Awareness Eagle The first television shows aired in 1948 it was a TV series called Candid Camera by Allen Funt. Have you ever wondered what attracts millions of Americans each week to watch this cultural phenomenon know as “reality TV”? “Reality television episodes have increased to 57% of all television shows that can be found on your TV guides.” Big Brother was one of the first more successful and most viewed reality television show, “When it first started Big Brother would air five.

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