What is Anime

huynh995 13.05.2021
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What is Anime

Anime is a shortened form of animeshon according to the Japanese pronunciation of katakana, which means animation in English, however, until now there is still much controversy about the origin of this term.

Aside from the origin, there are still many other controversies surrounding the anime theme that anime is an anime, so is anime an anime !?

Most will surely respond with “isn’t that obvious”. Yes, anime is still just a cartoon, it’s undeniable, just the way of calling varies from country to country. However, when it comes to the anime phrase, is the first thing that comes to mind are childhood images like Tom and Jerry or the hardworking golden bees !? Absolutely not. Referring to anime, most of you will think of cartoons with the style of the land of the rising sun such as one piece, dragon ball, naruto, … This also means, even though it is said that anime is also. anime, your consciousness has also tacitly assumed that anime and anime are two completely different things.

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