How to choose the best vinyl flooring planks in Columbus?

martinahale 03.07.2022
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There are so many types of vinyl floors that it is a little difficult to address this issue. After all, you have vinyl boards, stiff hearts, luxurious vinyl boards, and waterproof vinyl boards. Both share the same characteristics of vinyl, but there are different levels and characteristics. Therefore, you can buy vinyl flooring planks in Columbus at an affordable price. but before buying you have to know about the general information about vinyl flooring.

The thickness of vinyl flooring:

Why is the thickness of the plank important? Ok, the heavier the board, the more durable it is. Thicker boards behind the feet are denser and wider. A thicker board may also protect a subfloor that is less than stationary. The thickness of vinyl flooring planks creates the durability of the floor.

Naturally, every house is different, and for your home, you do not need the thickest plank possible. After all, some of the thickest boards are commercially accredited. You can buy vinyl flooring planks in Columbus with reliable thickness.

Wear Layer of Vinyl Plank Flooring

The wear layer of the vinyl flooring describes its durability or long-lasting. So before buying vinyl flooring you have to check the layer of the flooring.

How important is the wear layer? Now, it's protection from surface scratches and spots for your vinyl flooring. This is the second part of the equation of durability:

Thick vinyl + thick wear layer = higher quality.

You do not need the thickest wear layer by using Vinyl planks for low-traffic areas. Your vinyl flooring, though, would certainly be thicker in the middle of the raw and tumbling living.

After all, the bodyguard for your flooring is practically the worn sheet. You want to want the bodyguard beefiest, right? After all, the bodyguard for your flooring is practically the worn sheet. You want to want the bodyguard beefiest, right?

Types of Vinyl Plank Flooring

I'm trying to cover three wide vinyl flooring categories here. Oh, there's 3. In reality, the options are vast and terrifying. After I narrow this down, I hope not too terrifying. But maybe still big, which is all right, so options are a positive thing! There are, however, three major forms of vinyl flooring: premium vinyl boards, waterproof vinyl boards, and rigid vinyl baseboards. So, you can the best vinyl flooring planks in Columbus according to their types.

Luxury Vinyl Planks

Usually, these planks are rigid and very durable. they are made. They are different than the peel and stick range, but today there are also a couple of peel and stick options known to be luxurious!

Let's concentrate on the tables with a stiffer construction, though. This plank can survive heavy traffic violence, children, and animals. They're pretty rough stuff.

It must be remembered that the consumer standard for the term "luxury" is not specified. However, a luxury vinyl product typically comprises dense, sturdy paving, many textures, a true picture, and hard wear. If not, it may not be as successful as it says.

Waterproof Vinyl Planks

Waterproof vinyl floors (also called WPC vinyl floors) are 100% waterproof, luxury vinyl floors.

Oh, the right has been heard from you. The flooring for your house is 100 percent waterproof. Water-resistant vinyl flooring usually has a four-layer build with a waterproof heart. This is what separates this lavish vinyl from the others.

Everywhere waterproof vinyl planks can be installed. It is normally enough thick to be installed on imperfect floors and installed in cellars, kitchens, dining rooms, and more.

Core Vinyl Planks

Even 100% waterproof are rigid core vinyl planks (also called SPC vinyl flooring). You may be curious at this stage what the difference is between a hard and water-resistant heart. I got a reply! Rigid core vinyl floor has a composite score of stone-plastic. This implies that the center is highly thick and virtually indestructible. Seriously. really hard stuff.

As a rigid center is too hard, it's suitable for industrial buildings and high-traffic areas. It is indeed accredited to administer business areas. It is not expected to melt under heavy furnishings because of the super dense heart. Consider SPC Superhero vinyl floors.

Wood-Look Vinyl Planks

So, you want vinyl planks that look like wood. Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of options. Everyone wants the look of wood, without having to deal with the finicky nature of real wood.

Best yet, we have wood-look flooring that hits all the modern trends. Do you want gray floors? We got that. Do you want textured floors? We got that too. Dark wood or light wood? I think you know the answer.

Wood-look vinyl planks come in all the colors and finishes as real hardwood floors. If there’s a look you want, you’ll find it.

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Stone-Look Vinyl Planksc

Most people have stone-looking tile-sized floors, but I think we'll see more vinyl-look planks in the picture as ceramic plank floors become more common. Beton, travertine, and slate are common in stone-looking vinyl planks. Review what? What? We've got the looks too. Vinyl boards have many of the looks. We have the stone looks covered from soft beige travertine to a dark grey slate.


If you want to buy the best vinyl flooring planks in Columbus you have to keep in few points like its types, layers, colors, thickness and design, and styles.

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