Just One More Chapter Shirt

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Just One More Chapter Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The just one more chapter shirt! We have a law but the courts have been slowly chipping away at the legal defendant amendments for decades. Right now it is entirely possible for a police officer to keep you a blatantly illegal amount of time, take the cash they found in the search they didn't have reasonable suspicion for and you verbally did not consent to, and arrest you only on resisting arrest and just one more chapter shirt!

Just One More Chapter Shirt

Just One More Chapter Sweater

Just One More Chapter Hoodie

Then they tow your car because it was on the side of the road too long, (you were in lockup over the weekend) and just one more chapter shirt! You can't pay the booking fee, can't pay to get your car out of impound, and can't pay for a lawyer to get your money back. If only it ended there, in too many states they can then get a court order to pay those fees regardless of your means and when you can't the collections goes to a private company. This private company is empowered by the court to put you in jail if you don't pay on their schedule, repeatedly. Guess how long you get to keep a job or apartment when the police keep taking you away in handcuffs? And you weren't ever convicted of a thing.

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