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The himself was a terrible student in school and only cared about his English classes. However, he wasn't interested with school. So after graduating high school he decided to move back to New York and pursue a career in writing. Truman's first job as a writer came when he was eighteen. He was to work at The New Yorker as a copyboy ( His early stories were published in Harper' Bazaar. This helped to establish his literary reputation when he was in his twenties (Price v). Capote was never married and had no children. The one thing other than his writing that made Capote unique was the fact that he was homosexual. His partner of 35 years was Jack Dunphy, a gay novelist and playwright. Capote was quite the socialite. Hate has no home here He established high-society friends. He also held fancy "Hollywood" type parties at studio 54. "Hollywood" type of parties meaning these parties there were filled of alcohol and fueled by many different types of drugs. Due to too much partying, Capote began a victim of drug and alcohol abuse throughout most of the 1970s. His problem with alcohol abuse became public when he was arrested for drunk driving.

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Hate has no home here doormat

 In 1982, he was told his brain was shrinking and that he had only six months to live. Truman died of alcohol/drug abuse on August 23, 1984 in Los Angeles, California. ( As an author he was widely praised for his style of writing after the publication of his earlier stories. Most of his A family of four murdered to death; slaughtered, a Renowned writer Truman Capote wanted to study this murder and write a book about it. Capote tends to use a lot of imagery conveying the town, Hate has no home here “Holcomb, Kansas” which the family of four were massacred in. Vivid description was not the only thing that capote utilized, there were many more rhetorical devices as well. Starting off Capote views the town as lonely, not much to it, not really being an attractive town. The Clutter family murder was essentially the only thing that caused attention to the town. Capote says ¨The village of Holcomb stands on the high wheat plains of western Kansas, a lonesome area that other Kansans call “out there”. (Capote,18). In this statement that capote made first he used imagery. He described the high wheat plains insinuating that there was a lot of field not much construction going on if there was really just mainly land that was utilized by farmers he also was saying that the land was pretty much preserved. 

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He also calls it a lonesome area, meaning it's not many people at all not much space or much tourism going on. The town is more of stuck in the past with cowboy boots not as modernized as other areas around them. And when capote uses the term ¨out there¨ he means it not in the normal path of travel nobody really comes to holcomb it's not a travel destination that people go. Hate has no home here It's not an attractive town. to it's nothing special about holcomb nothing to attract people with and it isn't really even somewhere that someone would get lost and stumble upon with . Capote also views the town as broken down or poor. As Capote is giving a vivid description of the town he basically conveys the town's buildings as rundown and old also he conveys most of the town's buildings as no longer having a purpose . Although contrasting his statement on the rundown, poor looking town he talks about how they have this school building. The School is the only nice building in the town, it's the only building that stands out. 

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