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How fucking boring could life be? We were on vacation in Thailand, staying at a house my parents had rented for six weeks. I don’t know why we had to be there so fucking long but, my brother, two sisters, and I were stuck in the middle of Southeast Asia with nothing to do but snorkel and sunbathe.

My dad travels the world as some kind of multicultural ambassador for his company and mom usually goes with him, leaving the four of us at home with a legion of servants, valets, and nannies. Yeah, we have money, old money; we have an ancestral history that is older than the country. James and Janet (our parents insist we call them by their given names) decided that they needed time with their four children so here we are.

It’s hard to imagine the two of them ever fucking but in just over three years our mother had four kids, me, 14 months later my twin sisters, Heather and Margo, followed quickly by the youngest, my brother Steve. It was two months past my 21st birthday when we got hauled off to celebrate my brother’s coming of age best free hd porn

Three of us, me and my sisters were already attending the same Ivy League college that my family had attended since Christ was a schoolboy. Steve had just turned 18 and graduated from high school, hence this trip; to commemorate the fourth and final child reaching adulthood. It took only a few minutes to realize that for the six weeks we would be isolated from any major form of civilization. We were in a small village; the closest large town was over two hours away on a one-lane hard-packed dirt road that turned to a very long mud hole when it rained, which was often. The setting was magnificent, the amenities excellent but we were on the ocean’s edge of the country, surrounded by tropical jungle. With the exception of our iPads and Smartphones, our social lives wilted rapidly in the withering heat.

And we stood out. The Thai people are not giants on this earth. The average height of a Thai man is about 5’5, the women are much shorter. My family was large compared to the local citizenry. I stand exactly 6’, the twins are both long and leggy at 5’10, and brother Steve towers over the three of us at 6’3. I didn’t think an 18-year-old could get that fucking tall but he grew and filled out into a fine physical male specimen. He sure as hell never had a problem finding a girlfriend. In fact, all of us were blessed with good genes from three hundred years of careful breeding between smart beautiful women and strong, rich, physical men.

Few activities didn’t involve water at the vacation house. We had boogie boards, wave runners, snorkel and diving gear, and a boat for skiing or fishing. On land, we were limited to tennis, beach volleyball, a freshwater pool, or hiking through the jungle. It took almost two full days to get bored.

On the fourth day of our vacation, Steve and I tried to pick up on some local pussy but it didn’t take long to find out that most of the women were very unappealing. There were a few young, pretty, sexy girls but they were being watched very carefully by their families; this wasn’t New York where a girl could go on a date unescorted and do whatever the hell she wanted. The village didn’t have a whore house, the closest brothel was at the end of the long muddy oxcart trail. My brother and I agreed we were quickly becoming frustrated. The girls had a slightly different problem, as usual, they were the focus of attention, but the mosquito cloud of short, black-haired, brown-eyed admirers didn’t appeal to my sisters.

Our isolation from our friends and our own environment forced the six of us to unite and bond as parents and siblings. For two weeks we enjoyed our parent’s company and I realized that as a family in New York, we had started to drift. My sisters were becoming more independent, my little brother had his life to lead and I stayed busy with other interests. The time alone with the family was rebuilding and cementing our familial bonds again. Maybe we were stuck in Nowheresville with nothing to do, but our father knew what he was doing when he rented the isolated house. He organized the get-together before Steve went out on his own; this was a family ritual when we graduated high school.

But it only lasted two weeks. James got a call; there was an emergency in Melbourne Australia he needed to respond to. Janet had never been to Melbourne so she packed her bags and the two of them left that night, not knowing if and when they would be back. We siblings were left in Thailand with four weeks to go on the leased vacation bungalow. We didn’t feel abandoned, we were used to the sudden departure of our parents and we weren’t so spoiled rich that we didn’t know how to cook or care for ourselves. Within hours of their leaving, Steve, Margo, Heather and I settled into a routine that would see us through the next month my free cams

It started during a Monopoly game the second night after James and Janet left. Margo was buying a Railroad when Heather said to her, “Let’s go swimming.”

Margo looked around the board then back to her twin, “OK,” she spoke to me, “Keep the game, we’ll be back in a while.” My twin sisters have a psychic link; they think the same things at the same time without saying anything. The two of them got up and scampered out the door to the beach, I could see them stripping off their shirts and shorts as they ran to the water. By the time they splashed into the waves, they were naked. I looked at my brother who was staring out the door at our sisters slapping water at each other in the bright moonlight, “That’s interesting, think we could join them?” He glanced at me and nodded.

Steve and I stripped in the room then ran to the water; my cock was flopping in the warm night air. He and I dove into a wave just a few feet from the girls and swam past them to neck-deep water. When I found the bottom with my feet I turned and looked at Margo, “Can we join you?”

Margo laughed, turned to her sister and said “Do you see that? Those two fuckers are naked!”

She smiled wickedly when Heather reminded her, “Yeah? Well, we started it.”

I didn’t feel embarrassed nor did I sense that the other three were uncomfortable by our mutual nudity. Steve cupped his hands and threw water into Heather’s face, she shrieked, “My hair! You dick, you got my hair wet!” She threw herself into the next wave with enough force to splash the rest of us and in seconds we were all in a water battle.

We romped in the water and on the beach for almost an hour, enjoying the night air and our own company. I’d seen my sisters many times in postage-stamp-sized bikinis before but never naked so I was enjoying the view of their long sleek bodies. They didn’t have large pendulous breasts; their tits were soft-looking mounds rising firmly from their chests. Their tits stood proudly with strong nipples standing from the brownish aureole. They were pert and I guessed it would be 20 or 30 years before they started to sag.

Their bodies were long, slender, and athletic; hourglass-shaped from their shoulders to hips. Their waists were small enough that I could have put my hands on each side of either sister and my fingertips would meet over her stomach. From the flat expanse of their trim tummies, the V form of their pelvis’ drew my eyes lower to their pelvic area. Both Heather and Margo were almost completely clean-shaven so that their pubic hair wouldn’t stray around the legs of their scanty swimsuits. I could see the start of their vaginas where they dipped and curved between their thighs. My sister’s butts were rounded globes of firm flesh that begged attention. Their asses announced to the world, ‘I am woman, look at me.’ And I looked. The cheeks of their glutes curved over to the top of long, well-formed legs. At 5’10, both had a lot of leg to look at best manga

As I mentioned earlier Steve was a well-developed young man himself. He played football and basketball in school which keeps him muscular and solid. I stay fit by workouts and athletics in college. I’m not as tall as my little brother but my body is every bit as attractive to women as his. All together the four of us naked on that beach would have been a great photo op for the Thai Tourist Department.

Despite the intimate surroundings and the lack of clothing, I wasn’t sexually affected by my sisters’ nudity. We played for a while then went back into the house. Nobody made a big deal out of what we had done, it was almost as if we had been playing naked our whole lives. Almost normal.

From that night on none of us felt the need to hide our bodies behind clothing if we didn’t want to. My brother, sisters and I started snorkeling, diving, and sunbathing nude, completely comfortable with each other. I didn’t mind, I enjoyed looking at Heather and Margo even though they reminded me that I missed the girl waiting for me at home. My texts and messages to her over the days became more erotic as my libido grew more restless. The first time I thought of my sisters sexually was five days after we stopped wearing swimsuits. I was going to the bathroom when I went past their partially open bedroom door, I caught a snippet of conversation and paused to listen.

Margo was complaining to Heather, “I haven’t gotten laid in weeks, I need some cock.”

Heather replied, “I haven’t seen anybody around here that I’d want to screw, everybody is either too old or too local. I want someone at least in our generation and doesn’t have brown eyes and stands taller than my tits.”

Margo chuckled, “The only two guys around here like that are Mack and Steve. Maybe we should get them to bed.”

When my sister said that, my hearing began to fine-tune to what they were saying, “Hmm, now that’s a thought. We already run around naked together; we wouldn’t have to fuck around trying to take clothes off, sometimes that can be a nuisance.”

“No kidding, when I’m ready to get laid, the extra time it takes to get my clothes off irritates me.”

They quit talking. I stayed in place for a few more seconds listening to the quiet, just as I started moving my feet Margo spoke again, “Do you think you could?”

Heather replied, “I don’t know, they sure are nice to look at and they’re both well hung, they look like they could keep a girl happy but ---“

Margo finished the sentence for Heather, “Yeah, I know what you mean --- they’re our brothers.”

The light behind the door went out, my sisters went silent, I went to pee. As I was standing there holding my dick I listened again to the short conversation in my mind. The question was raised by my sister Margo for Heather, but I was answering it. Yes, I could have sex with one or both my twin sisters. The conversation I’d heard stuck in my mind and my sexual fantasies romped freely with both sisters all night.

The next day I felt it as soon as I came into the kitchen where the girls were making breakfast. Since we weren’t on the beach, we had clothes on, they were dressed in painted-on shorts and loose-fitting tank tops. Their midriffs were bare, their legs long and sexy. When Margo greeted me with a smile and a good morning my heart tripped as I watched her mouth move, I imagined her full moist lips around my erection. I knew that I could never look at them platonically again. I was horny for one or the other, or both best free hd asian porn

That night we broke out the booze. We had a large supply of bourbon, rum, brandy, vodka, and beer. This time we were playing hardcore Scrabble which meant we could use any word we recognized, including swear words. We were taking shots of hard liquor between swallows of beer so the four of us were getting very loose. There were several cuss words on the board when Steve put fuck down for 28 points. Margo protested loudly, “That’s not fair, there’s only one K in the game. That means you get a fuck and I don’t”

Steve shot back, “If you have the other letters you can put f-u-c right on the k this way and get a ‘fuck’ too. Or just use f and u, ‘fuk’. It would be like a quickie but you could still score.”

She smiled at him wickedly, “You mean we could both have a fuck?”

He looked back at her, “Yeah, you and me Beautiful, we could both score.”

Heather jumped in, “She’s beautiful now? What about me, don’t I get to be a beautiful too?”

My cock was rising in my trunks, “Hey,” I said, “let's go swimming.”

Margo looked at me, her eyes sparkled as she nodded. She stood, stripped her shorts, the went out the door. Her blouse fell to the floor as she stepped into the night. Heather, Steve, and I were right behind Margo.

By the time I got to the water, the sisters were belly button deep in the small waves, Steve was back floating a little farther out, his cock resting over his balls, barely covered by water. I came up behind Heather, wrapped my hands around her waist, and threw her up and out where she splashed back into the bay. She came up sputtering then threw herself at me, trying to push me under the surface. Even though I’m bigger, I caved and let her get me down. I went under and she went with me clutching to my back to hold me down. Underwater I twisted around so I was facing her and locked her up in my arms. She was crushed against me, her tits flat on my chest, her legs entwined with mine. My cock grew even more and she felt as it rubbed on her thigh. We bobbed to the surface for air but we didn’t’ let go of each other. It only took that little contact, that little underwater play, and we both knew what we wanted. Heather reached between us and groped for my prick which had reached maximum capacity. She wrapped her fingers around it then lifted her legs around my waist. She shifted her hips until she could guide the end of my cock into her body. I pushed into my sister, she adjusted on my cock then we started fucking in the Gulf of Tonkin.

Steve and Margo were staring at us as we coupled. Heather turned her head toward her twin and nodded to Steve. Margo smiled, grabbed Steve’s hand and led him out of the water. When they got to the beach all of us could see Steve’s reaction to the situation. His long, strong boner pointed toward the stars. Margo ran to the house with our 6’3 little brother hot after her.

Heather turned her attention to me and smiled into my eyes, “I hope you’re ready for some long hot sex, I need to get fucked fast and often tonight.” I gripped her ass, pulled her tighter and rammed my cock so deep into her that her eyes bulged with pleasure.

“You don’t have to worry about me, I’ll take you anyway you want, you’ll begging me to stop.” My balls were caressing her ass as we fucked. Heather threw her head back and moaned toward the moon, her legs were still locked around my waist so I walked out of the water with her clinging to me, I set her down then went to my back on the hard-packed sand at the edge of the bay, my sister threw a long leg over my hips and settled down on my straining erection again. She was sitting on my cock, rolling her hips, fucking me. I pinched her nipples and pulled her over until I could kiss the ends of her tits; I started suckling the nipples which got her even hotter. She clenched her teeth and growled sounds of lust every time my cock slid more than eight inches over her clit.

She started swinging her head side to side, her eyes closed, her hips rolling on my lap, my erection jammed deep in her. I had a hand between us, stroking her clit as we fucked. Heather’s thighs began to quiver then pulse; she put her hands on my chest, opened her eyes and began to whimper soft sobs of ecstasy. Her climax grew from a gasp to a full-throated wail as she flexed and convulsed on my cock. The twin link was working between the sisters because I could hear Margo howling her release from the house behind me. The girls had reached their orgasms at the same time. My balls pulsed as I injected seething shots of cum into my beautiful hot sibling.

Heather fell flat on my body, her chest heaving for air. I could smell her arousal in her damp hair, my cock twitched. She lifted her face then kissed me quickly on the lips, “Goddamn that felt good, let’s go find a bed.”

She held my hand as we went through the house. Steve and Margo had already vanished into the girls’ bedroom so Heather and I went to my bed. She turned me around to brush the sand off my back then reached between my legs and cupped my balls. Her lips caressed my shoulder as she said “We won’t need to be careful; I’ve got that covered.” My half-staff cock solidified again as she pulled softly on my nuts. I turned to her and in seconds we were bonded by our arms and mouths.

That first night was all sex. I filled her with donations from my balls three times before we fell into a sated sleep. When I woke the next morning, Heather was still clutched to me, she looked fresh and innocent but my body remembered how wild and sexually charged she was just hours before, another dose of hormones spilled into my blood.

After my shower, I was in the kitchen in cutoffs but no shirt. I was beating eggs in a bowl when a set of arms encircled my chest and I felt soft warm lips on my back. My sister raised her lips to my ear and breathed softly, “She scratched you up pretty good.” It was Margo, not Heather holding me, and she was kissing the scratches her twin left during her last orgasm.

I turned around in her arms and looked into sparkling green eyes, “You think you can do the same?”

Margo stepped back, “Not right now, I’m famished. I used up a lot of energy last night.” Just then Heather came in looking for breakfast, followed a minute later by our brother. The conversation at breakfast was light, easy and intimate. None of us were embarrassed or timid about what we had done. There were no furtive glances, no secrets to be kept, no attempt to hide our desire for each other. We were family; we weren’t matched couples, so there wasn’t going to be any fumbling, hesitation, jealousy, or complications. The girls laughed easily as they compared orgasms then agreed that from that day on the four of us would be sex partners until the vacation was done. I enjoyed that thought immensely, and I could see that Steve agreed. I had screwed Heather half the night but it wasn’t long after breakfast that Margo piqued my interest. I got her alone in the front room and asked her straight out if she wanted to fuck. She flashed me a big grin, put her arms around my neck and gave me a quick exciting kiss, “Your place or mine?”

I didn’t know where the other two were but it didn’t matter. I led the twin to my room where she stood still for me while I pulled her top and shorts off. In moments she was nude, watching me strip my shorts to the floor. My muscle was rising fast as it appreciated the view of my second naked sister smiling at me. Even though the two girls are identical twins, there are subtle differences, mostly in their mannerisms. Margo’s eyes were expressive in a way that Heather’s weren’t. Heather smiled more seductively. Both turned me on in an instant.

Margo wrapped her fingers around my rock-hard cock and pumped it as she stepped to me and put her mouth over mine. Our lips sealed; our tongues sought the others. Margo slipped her hand off my wood and cupped my balls. She broke off the kiss and pushed me back to the bed. I fell across it sideways and she settled beside me on her knees. She bent to my lap and pulled the end of my solidified shaft through her lips. As Margo started giving me head, I slipped a hand between her legs and two fingers into her body.

By the time she and I had satisfied our lust twice, I had learned that my identical twin sisters were not identical in every way.

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