Yes I am old but I saw Bob Seger on stage shirt

imiadove 06.03.2021
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The Science, Technology, and Business Division provides reference and bibliographic services and develops the general collections of the library in all areas of science, technology, business, and economics. The Library of Congress today announced that up to $950,000 will be provided to one or more organizations to support the development of engaging web- and mobile-based applications on the subjects of Congress and civics for use in K-12 classrooms. A wide range of organizations are eligible to apply, including public, private, not-for profit and for-profit organizations, institutions of higher education, cultural institutions and other collaborative partnerships (such as an organization with content expertise paired with an organization possessing technological expertise). Applicants should demonstrate a record of success in the development and implementation of curricular programs on Congress and civics and/or the development and long-term maintenance of successful online interactives or mobile apps for classroom use. 

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