How to solve Yahoo Mail Temporary Error Code 8, 17 or 800c0000

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Yahoo Email is a completely free email service established and developed by Yahoo since calendar year 1997. Yahoo Email, owned by Verizon Networking, offers four different types of email classes based on consumer requirements, the company and the private sector. Yahoo Email has more than 225 million monthly users and remains a world-class email platform.

Yahoo email errors

Yahoo email works economically most of the time, but occasionally Yahoo email users report facing errors at the email stage. Fortunately, most of these errors are temporary and can be easily repaired by following a few basic steps. These are some of the errors and their solution

Yahoo Mail Error 800c0000

This error rise in sync problem when using Yahoo mail, wrong IMAP settings or outdated mobile app. Follow the steps given to repair it.

Confirm SSL on Yahoo Email- To accomplish this, log into your Yahoo email account and look for the preferences icon at the top of the mailbox that resembles a gear. Click on this and then scroll down the specified set of selections to discover the Mail option and click on it. Go to the General tab and then check the box that says Enable SSL. Click OK and save. Now log in with your Yahoo account and see if the yahoo email not receiving emails problem persists.

Assess your connection online - Make sure your internet connection is secure and offers an optimal rate. Poor stability and community rate could cause this error.

UP-to-Date edition of this Yahoo - Yahoo supports the latest versions of its software, so make sure to regularly update your Yahoo! email application to avoid this error at the first location.

Yahoo email has the correct IMAP settings - Proper IMAP settings are needed for your Yahoo email to work easily. Evaluate the settings and, if they are not accurate, update them using the parameters provided below.

• Incoming mail server (IMAP):

• Port - 993

• Requires SSL - Yes

• Outgoing mail server (STMP):

• Port - 465/587

• Requires SSL - Yes

• Requires authentication - Yes (your login information)

• Email address: full email address (

• Password: your account password

• Requires authentication - Yes

Yahoo Mail Error 8

Error 8 is a temporary mail error that consumers encounter; resolves in a couple of hours. You can avoid the error by making a couple of modifications to your Yahoo! account. Follow the steps below to produce the changes.

• Open Yahoo email on your device and access settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

• Make any changes to your preferences, for example, you can turn tap on or off.

• Once done, go back to your inbox and go to settings to revert those changes.

• By creating these modifications, you can prevent the error from occurring.

Yahoo email temporary error 17

Sometimes Yahoo email users may face this Frontier Yahoo email address error. This error is usually distinguished between a few minutes and a couple of hours. If the failure does not resolve itself, you should try these methods to fix the error.

• Make sure you are using an Internet browser and an operating system that supports the Frontier Yahoo email address. Assess the Yahoo Frontier email requirements on the Yahoo site.

• Try logging in from Frontier Yahoo email from many laptops and mobile devices and see if the error is resolved.

• Clear your internet browser's cache and temporary documents to find out if the malfunction goes away.

• Close your browser and then restart it again and see if it worked.

• Sign in to your Frontier Yahoo email account and see if the error is gone.

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