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weshirt 25.01.2021
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 It’s said that sometimes, ghosts stick around after death because they have unfinished business. Often, there is some message that they want to pass on, something they need to accomplish. And in his book “Susquehanna Legends,” Henry Wharton Shoemaker wrote down an entire legend around this theme. I realize that this is the second time this week I’ve brought up Shoemaker. When Halloween comes around and I write up all my ghost stories, he’s hard to resist. Though some people have criticized his work and his accuracy (And, by extension, my own sometimes) I have a lot of respect for the stories he left behind. Loney Ghost Shirt. This one, called “The Lonely Ghost,” begins with a house. An old, abandoned place along the Susquehanna River, it was weathered and overgrown, in bad shape. It had once been used as a company home for the coal industry. Oh, and there was the ghost, of course.

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